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Three sisterly witches band together in San Francisco to battle the supernatural and protect innocents from evil.
  • Witch Trial
    Episode 143 mins
    On their first anniversary, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon.
  • Morality Bites
    Episode 244 mins
    After a horrifying premonition, Prue and Piper travel into the future to change Phoebe's fate.
  • The Painted World
    Episode 343 mins
    Prue gets trapped inside a painting with a dangerous warlock.
  • The Devil's Music
    Episode 442 mins
    The sisters learn the manager of the band Dishwalla has made a deal with the devil.
  • She's a Man, Baby, a Man!
    Episode 543 mins
    Prue casts a spell to turn her into a man in order to lure the demon Succubus.
  • That Old Black Magic
    Episode 643 mins
    The witches must convince a teenager that he is the only one capable of defeating an evil witch.
  • They're Everywhere
    Episode 742 mins
    Prue, Piper and Phoebe are faced with more warlocks than they can handle.
  • P3 H2O
    Episode 844 mins
    Prue must destroy a water demon to prevent people from drowning at a summer camp.
  • Ms. Hellfire
    Episode 944 mins
    Prue goes under cover to find out who hired an assassin to kill the witches.
  • Heartbreak City
    Episode 1042 mins
    A demon sets out to destroy Cupid and all his recent love matches.
  • Reckless Abandon
    Episode 1144 mins
    The witches protect a seemingly abandoned baby from a vengeful ghost.
  • Awakened
    Episode 1243 mins
    Prue and Phoebe try to cure Piper of a life-threatening illness.
  • Animal Pragmatism
    Episode 1344 mins
    College women cast a spell to turn three animals into men for a romantic evening.
  • Pardon My Past
    Episode 1444 mins
    Phoebe risks her life to destroy an evil warlock who seduced her in a past life.
  • Give Me a Sign
    Episode 1543 mins
    Prue is abducted by a former flame who is fleeing from a powerful demon.
  • Murphy's Luck
    Episode 1643 mins
    A Darklighter sabotages a woman's daily life, leading her to consider drastic measures.
  • How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
    Episode 1742 mins
    A family friend (Anne Haney) wants to stop a skin-stealing demon (Cameron Bancroft).
  • Chick Flick
    Episode 1843 mins
    A demon brings villains out of horror movies and sends them to kill the witches.
  • Ex Libris
    Episode 1944 mins
    Phoebe helps the ghost of Charlene (Rebecca Cross), a student killed by Libris (Scott Lincoln).
  • Astral Monkey
    Episode 2043 mins
    A doctor acquires the witches' powers during a blood transfusion.
  • Apocalypse Not
    Episode 2142 mins
    The charmed ones battle the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; guest Paula Cole.
  • Be Careful What You Witch For
    Episode 2244 mins
    The Infernal Council sends a genie to destroy the Power of Three.

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