Buried in the Backyard

Buried in the Backyard

Crime2 SeasonsTV14
Different cases in which a victim was buried in an unsuspecting place: the backyard.
  • The House on Canyon Road
    The House on Canyon Road
    Episode 143 mins
    The gruesome discovery of a decomposed and dismembered corpse buried in the backyard of a Seattle home results in an investigation that unravels a 30-year-old murder plot hatched by a scheming, vindictive family.
  • Struggle in the Night
    Struggle in the Night
    Episode 243 mins
    After the body of a missing young mother is discovered in a shallow grave behind her own home, cops must investigate the complicated relationships of her past and present in order to identify a motive and track down her killer.
  • Lady in a Barrel
    Lady in a Barrel
    Episode 343 mins
    After a homeowner discovers a mummified corpse buried inside a barrel beneath his home, detectives must painstakingly piece together a series of hidden clues to locate a killer who thought they had committed the perfect murder.
  • Wishing Well Hell
    Wishing Well Hell
    Episode 443 mins
    When the body of a beloved, elderly woman is found brutally murdered and stuffed inside a decorative wishing well in the backyard of her property, a dogged detective goes on a years-long hunt to catch her elusive killer.
  • Bed & Breakfast & Body
    Bed & Breakfast & Body
    Episode 543 mins
    Investigators believe a young woman left of her own accord, but her mother is convinced that someone close to her is hiding a big secret; a two-year search for the truth brings investigators to the backyard of a historic location.
  • Murder House
    Murder House
    Episode 643 mins
    While attempting to identify the remains of a victim found buried in the backyard of a plush California home, investigators learn another murder was committed at the exact same residence 30 years earlier.
  • Killer by the Coast
    Killer by the Coast
    Episode 743 mins
    When two female college students go missing, their whereabouts remain unknown for months, until a parole officer recalls startling information that would lead investigators to the backyard of a remote property.
  • Death in the Desert
    Death in the Desert
    Episode 843 mins
    After a homeowner randomly uncovers human remains while doing yard work in his California backyard, a homicide detective enlists the help of a local veterinarian to solve the murder.
  • Two Counties, Two Bodies
    Two Counties, Two Bodies
    Episode 943 mins
    A man asks investigators to help track down his missing father, ultimately sending them on a lengthy game of cat-and-mouse that results in horrific discoveries in two backyards.
  • Hog Trail Murders
    Hog Trail Murders
    Episode 1043 mins
    After a husband and wife realize their dogs have been dragging human bones into their backyard, cops learn that a serial killer is using the nearby woods to indulge in his dark fantasies.

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