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Bob and his building machines take on many projects and come up with thoughtful solutions as they work and play together to fix problems around town.
  • Scruffty's Big Dig

    Episode 1 - 10 mins
    Scruffty is chasing rabbits in Farmer Pickles' field; as they disappear, Scruffty starts digging.
  • Inspector Spud

    Episode 2 - 10 mins
    While Mr. Bentley inspects a pipe, he gets soaked; Spud tries to take over.
  • Cock-A-Doodle Spud

    Episode 3 - 10 mins
    Farmer Pickles' hen abandoned her eggs, so Bob is building a hen coop; Spud looks after the chicks.
  • Wendy's Surprise Party

    Episode 4 - 10 mins
    Wendy invites the whole town for a party for her sister, Jenny; the Machines are too tired to come.
  • Skateboard Spud

    Episode 5 - 10 mins
    Spud loses control of his homemade skateboard.
  • Muck's Monster

    Episode 6 - 10 mins
    Muck gets spooked by gurgling noises and is convinced it is a monster.
  • Spud the Dragon

    Episode 7 - 10 mins
    Spud borrows the dragon costume and pretends to be a magic dragon when he sees Muck.
  • Pilchard Steals the Show

    Episode 8 - 10 mins
    Scoop is determined to enter Pilchard into a dog show, even though she is a cat.
  • Bob's Hide

    Episode 9 - 10 mins
    Bob makes a bird hide at the nature reserve and catches a glimpse of the rare Grebe Warbler.
  • Bob's Auntie

    Episode 10 - 10 mins
    Auntie Dora is coming to visit, and she is a stickler for tidiness.
  • Bob and the Big Freeze

    Episode 11 - 10 mins
    Scoop and Wendy try to clear the roads, but they bump into the porcupine crossing.
  • Clumsy Roley

    Episode 12 - 10 mins
    Roley almost crushes Bob's toolbox; this causes anxiety and makes him more accident-prone.
  • Eskimo Bob

    Episode 13 - 10 mins
    Bob wears a parka.

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