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Capt. Glenn Shephard and his crew set sail in a luxury sailing yacht to explore the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Peacock is now the streaming home of your favorite Bravo shows plus so much more. Watch hit movies, live sports and exclusives.

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Capt. Glenn Shephard and his crew set sail in a luxury sailing yacht to explore the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea.
  • Tom Foolery
    Episode 1 - 54 mins
    Chef Marcos knows he has to make this season memorable for the guests.
  • Age-Old Problems
    Episode 2 - 43 mins
    Parsifal III's new crew figures out how to work together to execute a successful first charter.
  • Omelette You Finish but…
    Episode 3 - 43 mins
    Gabriela and Ashley can't agree on who's in charge; returning charter guests have high demands.
  • Oopsie Daisy
    Episode 4 - 54 mins
    Chef Marcos injures himself while trying to prepare the most bizarre dinner of his career.
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships
    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    Ashley and Gabriela's tension continues; Marcos notices the competition between the junior stews.
  • Yacht on the Rocks
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    Parsifal III hits aground under Tom's watch, sending the boat into total chaos.
  • Strip for the Tip
    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Tom continues to spiral over his mistakes while juggling devastating news from back home.
  • Big Fender Energy
    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    The conflict between Gary and Daisy further escalates following their disagreement.
  • Tensions High, Patience Low
    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    Tensions rise on the boat for both the interior and deck crew.
  • Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    Ashley goes full steam ahead in her pursuit for Gary; Marcos and Gabriela bump heads again.
  • Paging Dr. Nipples
    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    Gary jumps to the rescue as an empty neighboring boat drags into another boat nearby.
  • New Girl Aboard
    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    Daisy is brought to her breaking point as the demanding guests continue to challenge the crew.
  • Budding Boatmance
    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    After campaigning for a promotion, Ashley is sorely disappointed to be given the title Junior Stew.
  • Smashley
    Episode 14 - 43 mins
    After ending another charter on a high note, the crew are raring to go for a night on the town.
  • Salty Seamen
    Episode 15 - 43 mins
    Chef Marcos attempts to power through another dinner while dealing with some devastating news.
  • Parsifal's First Wedding
    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    Parsifal III has a last-minute charter with the hardest preference sheet of the season.
  • All Roads Lead to Gaisy
    Episode 17 - 43 mins
    The crew tries to cap off a great season with the perfect reception dinner.
  • Reunion
    Episode 18 - 64 mins
    The cast comes together to look back at events from the season.

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