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After moving from China to Hollywood, Alex navigates stereotypical acting roles and his sexual identity among friends and his conservative family.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1 - 8 mins
    Alex You leaves his small town in China with the dream of becoming a Hollywood movie star.
  • Roommates
    Episode 2 - 11 mins
    Low on money, Alex searches for a roommate and finds Cindy, an aspiring young actress from Kansas.
  • The Name Game
    Episode 3 - 9 mins
    Fed up with people butchering his name, Alex decides to find a new American name.
  • Stereotypes
    Episode 4 - 12 mins
    Alex has an audition to play a horribly offensive Chinese stereotype.
  • Number One Fan
    Episode 5 - 8 mins
    Alex enlists Cindy and Tiago to put on the ultimate show and convince his mom that he's made it.
  • Kissing Scenes
    Episode 6 - 10 mins
    Alex gets cast in a terrible pilot that doesn't pay anything, but he is still excited.
  • Producer Seducer
    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    When Alex gets the chance to wait on a big-time producer, he makes a terrible impression.
  • Just Like Me
    Episode 8 - 10 mins
    After landing an audition as a gay Chinese actor, Alex is certain he'll book the commercial.
  • The Review
    Episode 9 - 9 mins
    Alex celebrates when he gets his first IMDb credit, until someone writes a scathing review.
  • Work Visa
    Episode 10 - 10 mins
    While trying to pretend that he doesn't like Tiago, Alex offers to help Tiago.

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