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Come and meet the Atoms of Atom Town, based on the elements of the periodic table, and explore the magic and wonder of the universe.
  • Atomic Spaghetti

    Episode 1 - 15 mins
    During a visit to Sodium's cafe, Hydrogen follows her belly and ends up on a very strange adventure.
  • Atomic Steps

    Episode 2 - 15 mins
    Oxygen and the gang bite off more than they can chew when they offer to carry Helium's bag.
  • Atomic Joystick

    Episode 3 - 15 mins
    Oxygen and Carbon have fun playing games at Sulfur's, until one of the joystick's stops working.
  • Atomic Teddies

    Episode 4 - 15 mins
    Carbon tries to take a shortcut when helping Oxygen prepare for her teddy bears picnic.
  • Atomic Liquorice

    Episode 5 - 15 mins
    Sulfur and Phosphorus become unlikely helpers when Lithium tries to put on a circus act.
  • Atomic Soufflé

    Episode 6 - 15 mins
    Oxygen and Carbon take on jobs as chefs, but their over-enthusiasm to impress causes mayhem.
  • Atomic Scarecrow

    Episode 7 - 15 mins
    Sulfur and Phosphorus stand in when they accidentally destroy Nitrogen's scarecrow.
  • Atomic Chocolate

    Episode 8 - 15 mins
    Gold orders a chocolate statue of herself to impress Silver at her party.
  • Atomic Buckyball

    Episode 9 - 15 mins
    Despite being last picked for the buckyball team, Hydrogen uses her brain to lead the way.

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