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An army commando robot named Arpo is redeployed to the DiLovely family as housekeeper and nanny for trouble-magnet baby Daniel and his meddling brother Joey.
  • Mission Moo Moo

    Episode 1 - 33 mins
    Moo Moo gets stuck to a car and it's up to Arpo to try to save him.
  • Operation Babysitter

    Episode 2 - 33 mins
    While babysitting, Arpo must protect Joey, Emma and Daniel from a monstrous germ war.
  • Knock Knock Who's Where

    Episode 3 - 33 mins
    Arpo has to save the day when a flock of crows gets into baby Daniel’s house; Arpo finds Lulu the cow wandering around.
  • At the Zoo

    Episode 4 - 33 mins
    Arpo takes Joey, Emma and Daniel to the zoo; when Daniel gets picked up by an elephant, Arpo tries to save him.
  • Squirrel Madness

    Episode 5 - 31 mins
    Bob installs a smart home system; Arpo has to find a way to stop Daniel’s flying food from going all over the house.
  • Peekabooboo

    Episode 6 - 31 mins
    While Arpo keeps Daniel entertained with a game of peekaboo, Joey thinks a ghost is haunting the house.

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