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Examining how far people will go to become rich.
  • The Trials of Michael Avenatti
    Episode 1 - 43 mins
    Attorney Michael Avenatti represents Stormy Daniels in her dispute with President Donald Trump.
  • Nightmare at NXIVM
    Episode 2 - 43 mins
    Using powers of persuasion, along with classic multilevel marketing techniques.
  • The Real Dr. Death
    Episode 3 - 43 mins
    A delusional, debt-ridden spine surgeon maims and even kills patients in botched surgeries.
  • The Fall of an Opiod Mogul
    Episode 4 - 43 mins
    As the opioid epidemic destroys lives, billionaire drug mogul John Kapoor looks to cash in.
  • A Family Vanishes
    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    All four members of the McStay family vanish, launching a yearslong investigation.
  • Social Media Scam Artists
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    Crowdfunded charities are supposed to raise funds for good causes, but some are actually scams.
  • Inside El Chapo's Empire
    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Few are familiar with the betrayal that helped put Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera in prison.
  • The "Con" in Congress
    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    Duncan Hunter and his wife, Margaret, conspired to help themselves to thousands in campaign dollars.
  • Confessions of a Scam Artist
    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    T.R. Wright shares his almost-too-crazy-to-be-true story with American Greed.
  • The Imposter
    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    A private eye digs into Ed Shin's past and finds something horrifying.
  • Burned by Greed
    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    How multi-billion dollar company Pacific Gas & Electric comes to repeatedly kill its customers.
  • A Father's Fraud
    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    Karl Karlsen is a hardworking man with what seems to be a terrible streak of bad luck.

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