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Watch Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Stories of terror, horror and suspense by Alfred Hitchcock. Stream full episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Hour and more thriller tv on Peacock.

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Stories of terror, horror and suspense by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Return of Verge Likens
    Episode 1 - 50 mins
    A man is determined to get even with the politician who murdered his father in cold blood.
  • Change of Address
    Episode 2 - 50 mins
    A couple with a shaky marriage rent a house overlooking the ocean.
  • Water's Edge
    Episode 3 - 50 mins
    A released convict contacts his former cellmate's wife (Ann Sothern) in order to find some hidden loot
  • The Life Work of Juan Diaz
    Episode 4 - 50 mins
    A Mexican peasant woman struggles to fulfill the promise she made to her dying husband.
  • See the Monkey Dance
    Episode 5 - 50 mins
    A businessman meets a stranger (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) claiming to be his lover's husband.
  • Lonely Place
    Episode 6 - 50 mins
    Farmers find the price of cheap labor is paid in blood. With Bruce Dern.
  • The McGregor Affair
    Episode 7 - 50 mins
    A 19th-century man (Andrew Duggan) and his alcoholic wife get into medical science.
  • Misadventure
    Episode 8 - 50 mins
    Deceit and treachery mar plans for a perfect crime; guests Barry Nelson, Lola Albright.
  • Triumph
    Episode 9 - 50 mins
    In the jungles of India, the secure life of a medical missionary's wife is endangered.
  • Memo From Purgatory
    Episode 10 - 50 mins
    A writer joins a gang to gather material for a book. With Walter Koenig.
  • Consider Her Ways
    Episode 11 - 50 mins
    A reaction to an experimental drug causes a doctor to murder. With Ellen Corby.
  • The Crimson Witness
    Episode 12 - 50 mins
    Seeking revenge, a flamboyant executive (Peter Lawford) murders his brother (Roger C. Carmel).
  • Where the Woodbine Twineth
    Episode 13 - 50 mins
    A woman cracks under the pressure of raising an orphaned niece with an imaginary friend.
  • Final Performance
    Episode 14 - 50 mins
    A hitchhiking teen leads a TV writer to a motel owner who would kill to get into show business.
  • Thanatos Palace Hotel
    Episode 15 - 50 mins
    A depressed man's life changes when he falls for a working guest at a "suicide club."
  • One of the Family
    Episode 16 - 50 mins
    A man's childhood nanny begins to act suspiciously after he hires her to care for his baby.
  • An Unlocked Window
    Episode 17 - 50 mins
    Police suspect that an insane medical student murdered three nurses.
  • The Trap
    Episode 18 - 50 mins
    A philandering wife seizes a seemingly golden opportunity to eliminate her wealthy husband
  • Wally the Beard
    Episode 19 - 50 mins
    What begins as an innocent deception mushrooms until it destroys a man's life.
  • Death Scene
    Episode 20 - 50 mins
    Family try to solve financial woes by arranging a planned accident.
  • The Photographer & the Undertaker
    Episode 21 - 50 mins
    Professional killers with the same employer find that each has the other as his next target
  • Thou Still Unravished Bride
    Episode 22 - 50 mins
    A London detective's fiancee (Sally Kellerman) vanishes on her wedding eve.
  • Completely Foolproof
    Episode 23 - 50 mins
    A wealthy land developer is shocked to discover that his wife is seeking to divorce him.
  • Power of Attorney
    Episode 24 - 50 mins
    A dishonest lawyer takes over a rich widow's holdings but underestimates her companion's wrath.
  • The World's Oldest Motive
    Episode 25 - 50 mins
    A philandering husband agrees to a murder contract that will end his wife's life.
  • The Monkey's Paw: A Retelling
    Episode 26 - 50 mins
    A desperate man tests the gruesome power of a monkey-paw charm.
  • The Second Wife
    Episode 27 - 50 mins
    A mail-order bride has ultimately tragic suspicions about the strange death of her husband's first wife.
  • Night Fever
    Episode 28 - 50 mins
    A wounded man who shot a police officer seeks a nurse's (Colleen Dewhurst) aid to escape from his prison be
  • Off Season
    Episode 29 - 49 mins
    Fired, a trigger-happy police officer takes a job guarding summer homes. Directed by William Friedkin.

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