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The Monday Night War

The Monday Night War

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A look at the period in sports entertainment where the WWE and WCW went head to head in pro wrestling storylines and ratings.
  • The War Begins

    Episode 1 - 55 mins
    Media mogul Ted Turner launches WCW Monday Nitro in direct competition with WWE's Monday Night Raw.
  • The Rise of the nWo

    Episode 2 - 59 mins
    Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan forever change the course of sports entertainment history.
  • Embracing a New Attitude

    Episode 3 - 57 mins
    WWE draws criticism for their edgy new product, which forces WCW to counter attack.
  • A New D-Generation

    Episode 4 - 56 mins
    Shawn Michaels and Triple H usher in WWE's "Attitude Era" and form D-Generation X.
  • Have a Nice Day!

    Episode 5 - 58 mins
    Mick Foley emerges as an unlikely hero and is just the weapon WWE needs to help RAW take control.
  • The Hart of War

    Episode 6 - 58 mins
    Bret Hart's final night in WWE becomes one of the most controversial events in sports-entertainment.
  • The War Gets Extreme

    Episode 7 - 55 mins
    Pushing the envelope and smashing traditions, ECW sends shockwaves across sports entertainment.
  • The Austin Era Has Begun

    Episode 8 - 59 mins
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin fights his way to the top of sports entertainment on his own terms.
  • Flight of the Cruiserweights

    Episode 9 - 50 mins
    WCW signs unique talents from around the world to develop their own Cruiserweight Division.
  • Who's Next?

    Episode 10 - 53 mins
    WCW strikes gold in a pro-football player turned sports entertainment megastar, Bill Goldberg.
  • Monday Night Jericho

    Episode 11 - 54 mins
    Chris Jericho crosses enemy lines and makes a name for himself in both WWE and WCW.
  • The War Gets Electrified

    Episode 12 - 59 mins
    After a rocky start, a third-generation superstar taps into his real personality.
  • Divas Gone Wild

    Episode 13 - 52 mins
    The expansion of female personalities in both companies forever changes perceptions.
  • Foundations of War

    Episode 14 - 53 mins
    Sting and The Undertaker anchor their respective franchises throughout the Monday Night War.
  • The War Goes Mainstream

    Episode 15 - 56 mins
    WWE and WCW each work celebrities into their product, as The Monday Night War becomes water cooler conversation.
  • Building an Army

    Episode 16 - 59 mins
    It takes an army to win a war and both WCW and WWE were developing a deep roster of talent.
  • The KLIQ

    Episode 17 - 58 mins
    Five superstars propel wrestling to new heights amidst controversy and an everlasting friendship.
  • Mistakes on the Battlefield

    Episode 18 - 58 mins
    Eric Bischoff steers the WCW in a new direction but backstage politics would bring a decline.
  • The Fall of WCW

    Episode 19 - 58 mins
    Backstage politics, corporate mergers and questionable creative decisions doom WCW.
  • Life After Wartime

    Episode 20 - 58 mins
    Vince McMahon emerges victorious in the Monday Night War, but questions remain.

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