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Steve Austin: The Broken Skull Sessions

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin sits down with former pro wrestlers to discuss their careers in and out of the ring.
  • Charlotte Flair
    Episode 30 - 80 mins
    Charlotte Flair discusses her path to becoming the most decorated female Superstar in WWE history.
  • Sami Zayn
    Episode 29 - 96 mins
    Sami Zayn joins Steve Austin to discuss his career, including his match with Johnny Knoxville.
  • Jeff Jarrett
    Episode 28 - 106 mins
    Jeff Jarrett and Steve Austin address their history and look back on Jeff's WWE Hall of Fame career.
  • Cody Rhodes
    Episode 27 - 112 mins
    Cody Rhodes and Steve Austin discuss the career of "The American Nightmare," including his return to WWE.
  • Bubba Ray Dudley
    Episode 26 - 98 mins
    Bubba Ray Dudley discusses his career as part of the most-decorated team in sports entertainment.
  • Lita
    Episode 25 - 88 mins
    Steve Austin sits down with legendary trailblazer Lita to discuss her WWE Hall of Fame career.
  • Ron Simmons
    Episode 24 - 84 mins
    Ron Simmons reflects on his career and being sports entertainment's first Black World Champion.
  • Becky Lynch
    Episode 23 - 86 mins
    Steve Austin and Becky Lynch discuss her historical WWE journey as well as life outside the ring.
  • Diamond Dallas Page
    Episode 22 - 89 mins
    Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page discuss DDP's Hall of Fame career and share road stories.
  • Jeff Hardy
    Episode 21 - 79 mins
    Jeff Hardy joins "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for a hard hitting and revealing look at his WWE career.
  • Seth Rollins
    Episode 20 - 104 mins
    Seth Rollins joins "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for an in-depth interview spanning his career.
  • Bobby Lashley
    Episode 19 - 95 mins
    Steve Austin welcomes Bobby Lashley to the show to discuss being a WWE Champion, the MMA and more.
  • Kevin Nash
    Episode 18 - 82 mins
    Steve Austin and Kevin Nash discuss everything from The Kliq to The nWo and the Monday Night War.
  • Mick Foley
    Episode 17 - 115 mins
    Mick Foley gives Steve Austin a deep dive into the definitive matches and milestones of his career.
  • The Godfather
    Episode 16 - 88 mins
    Hop aboard the train as Steve Austin and "The Godfather" Charles Wright trade road stories.
  • Chris Jericho
    Episode 15 - 127 mins
    Steve Austin welcomes Chris Jericho to the Broken Skull Sessions in a no-holds-barred interview.
  • Randy Orton
    Episode 14 - 104 mins
    No-holds-barred interview covering Randy Orton's legendary career thus far.
  • Sasha Banks
    Episode 13 - 89 mins
    Sasha Banks discusses her career, her biggest matches and her experience filming "The Mandalorian."
  • Bayley
    Episode 12 - 81 mins
    Bayley discusses her definitive matches and milestones and provides insight into her recent run.
  • Drew McIntyre
    Episode 11 - 98 mins
    Drew McIntyre discusses his sports-entertainment career thus far and shares stories from outside the ring.
  • The Undertaker: One More Round
    Episode 10 - 121 mins
    Steve Austin and The Undertaker sit down and chat about his matches, his WrestleMania Streak and more.
  • Kurt Angle
    Episode 9 - 106 mins
    Steve Austin and Kurt Angle shoot the breeze and share plenty of never-before-told stories.
  • Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Episode 8 - 77 mins
    Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler discuss The King's 50-year career.
  • Mark Henry
    Episode 7 - 80 mins
    Mark Henry, The World's Strongest Man, discusses his decorated career.
  • Ric Flair
    Episode 6 - 100 mins
    Steve Austin and Ric Flair discuss the stories behind The Nature Boy's historic career.
  • Bret Hart
    Episode 5 - 68 mins
    Bret Hart discusses The Montreal Screwjob and breaks down his classic matches with Stone Cold.
  • Big Show
    Episode 4 - 84 mins
    Big Show discusses his storied career in WCW & WWE and much more.
  • Kane
    Episode 3 - 79 mins
    Glenn Jacobs discusses his legendary career as the Big Red Machine, Kane.
  • Goldberg
    Episode 2 - 71 mins
    Goldberg discusses his WCW streak, his initial failed run in WWE and the lost "dream match."
  • The Undertaker
    Episode 1 - 99 mins
    Steve Austin sits down with The Undertaker to discuss his legendary 30-year career in WWE.

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