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A celebration of the world and history of sports entertainment from the unique perspective of Sam Roberts.
  • Firsts
    Episode 160 mins
    Sam Roberts waxes poetic on SummerSlam 1992 and provides a valuable vocabulary lesson.
  • Halloween
    Episode 259 mins
    Sam gets in the Halloween spirit and explains how a costume party saved John Cena's career.
  • Unexpected
    Episode 357 mins
    Sam talks with Mark Henry about taking Doink seriously; Mick Foley discusses his characters.
  • Family
    Episode 458 mins
    Sam examines bloodlines within WWE; Samoa Joe discusses making the leap from independents to WWE.
  • Brothers of Destruction
    Episode 550 mins
    The Undertaker and Kane discuss their historic relationship including the importance of Paul Bearer.
  • Thankful
    Episode 653 mins
    Sam celebrates Thanksgiving with WWE Hall of Famer JBL; Survivor Series history.
  • Underdogs
    Episode 757 mins
    Sam looks back fondly on sports entertainment's greatest underdogs.
  • Influence
    Episode 857 mins
    Sam talks about how movies shape sports entertainment and journeys to an ECW landmark.
  • Music
    Episode 959 mins
    Sam explores the quintessential WWE Album, as well as iconic and underrated entrance themes.
  • The Holiday Classic
    Episode 1059 mins
    Sam Roberts dives into the history of Santa Claus in WWE.
  • 2020
    Episode 1160 mins
    Sam takes a look at 2020's most positive moments.
  • Second Acts
    Episode 1275 mins
    Sam analyzes sports entertainment's best second acts and relives the Lex Express.
  • Titles and a Stone Cold Visit
    Episode 1360 mins
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joins the show to talk about his many influential title reigns.
  • Celebrating and Rethinking the Rumble
    Episode 1459 mins
    Sam celebrates his favorite match in all of sports-entertainment, the Royal Rumble Match.
  • World's Strongest Season Finale
    Episode 1587 mins
    Sam talks about the best career-ending matches while Mark Henry discusses a career-defining moment.

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