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The mistress of the dark presents scary movies and provides commentary.
  • Count Dracula's Great Love
    Episode 1 - 97 mins
    A vampire count eyes 19th-century travelers who stop by his Spanish castle.
  • Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
    Episode 2 - 102 mins
    Count Frankenstein assembles a strange group to help with his ghoulish experiments.
  • Gamera: Super Monster
    Episode 3 - 102 mins
    Alien forces send all the monsters Gamera has faced in one final battle.
  • Legacy of Blood
    Episode 4 - 94 mins
    Three wicked sisters and their unsavory husbands arrive at a remote inn.
  • Maneater of Hydra
    Episode 5 - 100 mins
    A botanical baron's tree has tourists for dinner at an isolated estate.
  • Monstroid
    Episode 6 - 94 mins
    When a village is attacked by a creature, a corrupt company sends a specialist to destroy the beast.
  • The Devil's Wedding Night
    Episode 7 - 98 mins
    The Schiller brothers find more than they bargained for at Castle Dracula.
  • The Doomsday Machine
    Episode 8 - 97 mins
    A US space mission to Venus leaves orbit just before the Earth is destroyed.
  • The House That Screamed
    Episode 9 - 110 mins
    A widow's son tries to build his own girl at a boarding school in 19th-century France.
  • The Werewolf of Washington
    Episode 10 - 96 mins
    A top presidential aide undergoes a severe personality change.
  • They Came from Beyond Space
    Episode 11 - 99 mins
    An alien force possesses scientists and infects bystanders with a disease.

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