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The Winter Olympics

Watch the Winter Olympics February 3-20
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The Winter Olympics
Watch the Winter Olympics
February 3-20 on NBC and Peacock

Only $4.99/month

Beijing Olympics Overview

For nearly a century, the world’s best athletes have gathered every four years to compete in the Winter Olympic Games. Featuring both new and re-purposed venues across three zones, this year Beijing, China, is proud to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Check back here often to track Olympic medal counts as we continually refresh content from NBC’s comprehensive coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Featured Sports

Many of our modern Winter Olympic sports have been played on snow and ice for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. Our modern Winter Olympic Games debuted in 1924, in Chamonix, France. Held every four years in a snow-zone host city, the popularity of the Winter Olympics has snowballed ever since.

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To outsiders, the Olympic sport of curling may resemble shuffleboard on ice. Some might even say frozen bocce ball. But among fans, curling is more often compared to “chess on ice”. That’s because this ancient game relies as much on strategy as it does on accurate throws and feverishly brushed, smooth ice.

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Figure Skating

Figure skaters don’t exactly break the laws of physics. But they often appear to bend the rules a bit. Perennially popular, figure skating combines remarkable athleticism with stunning artistry. Since its introduction at the 1908 Summer Olympics, figure skating has evolved to become a favorite Winter Olympics sport.

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Ice Hockey

Another consistent fan favorite, ice hockey is a fast-paced battle waged on polished ice. Hockey has inspired national pride in the U.S. since the stunning defeat of the Soviet team in 1980. Will the U.S. claim another “Miracle on Ice” in Beijing? Track the team’s progress here.

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Snowboarding is among the newest — and hottest — of winter sports. This irreverent cousin of downhill skiing combines the anarchist freedom of skateboarding with ample snow and unflinching gravity to produce moments of breathtaking speed, agility and artistry on snow.

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American Rock Stars

TV Series • 2022 • Streaming Now
Nick Offerman narrates an all-access documentary series following the defending gold medalist men’s curling team as they represent the U.S. at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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TV Series • 2022 • Streaming Now
The controversial story of Canadian figure skating pair Jamie Salé and David Pelletier losing gold to Russians Anton Sikharulidze and Elena Berezhnaya during the 2002 Winter Olympics in an organized crime scandal spanning three continents.

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Documentary • 2022 • Streaming Now
When Picabo Street took the alpine skiing world by storm and won Olympic silver and gold for Team USA in the 1990s, her superstardom belied a turbulent and complicated home life.

Beijing Olympics Medal Count

We’ll track daily medal counts right here. Check back often to keep up with who’s earning Gold, Silver or Bronze medals, in which sports.


The XXIV Olympic Winter Games will commence Friday, Feb 4, and end on Sunday, Feb. 20. The Olympic torch arrived in Beijing, China, on Oct 22, 2021.

Every four years.

Milano Cortina, Italy on Feb 6–22, 2026.

Original sports included bobsled, curling, ice hockey, Nordic skiing and ice skating. The introduction of breathtakingly fast alpine skiing events occurred early in the history of the Winter Olympics. Alpine skiing events, in particular, have come to symbolize the remarkable speed and razor-edge precision required of Olympic competitors.

At least 87, although details aren’t finalized yet. Not surprisingly, Northern Hemisphere nations, such as Austria, Finland, France, Sweden, Great Britain and the United States, have dominated medal counts consistently for nearly 100 years. But notable exceptions occasionally occur, and the world cheers them all the more enthusiastically for their snow-deprived origins.

For instance, the Jamaican bobsled team captured the hearts of fans worldwide upon their debut in Calgary at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Despite failing to finish in medal territory, these intrepid athletes earned fans around the world and even inspired a film.

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