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Must-Watch Kids TV Shows on Peacock

These kids TV shows with cartoon cats, curious monkeys, and fearsome dragons will fuel your kiddos’ imaginations.  

By Peacock Staff

From education to imagination, kids TV shows are a great way to keep your little ones entertained. Peacock has something for every kind of kid, from tots to pre-teens, and scientists to dancers. When you're looking for something to watch at snack time or during the next playdate, look no further than our popular kids TV shows.    

1. Blippi (2014) 

What’s not to love about Blippi? He’ll silly-dance his way into every kid’s heart, all while sneaking in a little vocabulary and learning too. Blippi is everyone’s best friend, exploring farms, museums, and more with his buddies right by his side.  

Stream Blippi.

2. Trolls: TrollsTopia (2020) 

The adventures of the effervescent Poppy continue as she builds a city called TrollsTopia. Here, trolls from different tribes, and pop music trolls and hard rock trolls, live together to celebrate their musical differences. This show cleverly disguises lessons about appreciating different cultures and overcoming challenges.  

Stream Trolls: TrollsTopia.

3. The Adventures of Puss In Boots (2015) 

Our favorite swashbuckling feline is back in action! The legendary Puss in Boots encounters all sorts of obstacles, from protecting hidden cities to facing the most cunning villains, over six seasons. Prepare for a purrfect mix of the kitty serving up swordplay and his signature charm. 

Stream The Adventures of Puss In Boots.

4. Babble Bop (2021) 

Bring the preschool playground right to your living room! Little ones won’t be able to sit still when toddlers Lily, Izzie, and Sam are throwing a dance party or taking turns singing their favorite tunes. By the end of each episode, your baby might just be ready to grab a mic of their own.  

Stream Babble Bop.

5. Dino Pops (2023) 

Little archeologists will find this series Dino-mite! Colorful prehistoric dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex become a little less scary as narrators teach kids about the lives of these dinos, down to their diet.  

Stream Dino Pops.

6. Curious George (2006) 

George is ready for business — monkey business, that is! Whether running through the city or exploring the countryside, George always knows how to make his own fun by inventing and helping out his neighbors. And of course, the man with the yellow hat will be close by to help the curious monkey clean up his messes along the way.  

Stream Curious George.

7. Science Max: Experiments at Large (2015) 

Tired of the worn-out, potato-powered clock experiment? Science Max cranks all those home experiments up to 11, with host Phil McCordie exploring physics, chemistry, and everything else in the exciting world of science. Get all the fun of science without any of the mess! 

Stream Science Max: Experiments at Large.

8. Angelina Ballerina (2002) 

For more dance parties, Angelina is here to show your kid some new moves! The cute-as-a-button Angelina Mousling and her classmates learn the basics of ballet, friendship, and teamwork. By the end, you’ll be watching your own little ballerina pirouette right from the comfort of your living room sofa.  

Stream Angelina Ballerina.

9. Abominable and the Invisible City (2022) 

Do you believe in magic? Yi, Jin, Ping, and their lovable yeti Everest explore the magical creatures hiding right in their own city. Little ones’ imaginations will run wild, just like Everest, and they’ll be enchanted by this fun series from DreamWorks Animation.   

Stream Abominable and the Invisible City.

10. Garfield and Friends (1988) 

Yes, he still hates Mondays and loves lasagna (we checked)! The classic orange tabby cat and his band of friends will have your kids clutching at their sides in laughter. Follow along with this sarcastic feline’s misadventures, from camping to dog-catching (and everything in between)! 

Stream Garfield and Friends.

11. Dragons (Defenders of Berk, Riders of Berk, The Nine Realms) (2012) 

If you thought dragons couldn’t get any cooler, try mixing them with Vikings! Together, the dragon Toothless and his fearless Viking trainer, Hiccup, defend their home while turning enemies into allies. Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies will be thrilled to see Hiccup and his loyal Night Fury soar in the sky again! 

Stream Dragons: Defenders of BerkDragons: Riders of Berk, and Dragons: The Nine Realms.

Watch more TV shows for kids on Peacock! 

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