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Meet the Bombshells Coming to Casa Amor on Love Island USA Season 6

Get to know the Bombshells shaking up life in the Villa! 

By Peacock Staff
Ariana Madix In Love Island USA Season 6

As if this season of Love Island USA wasn’t dramatic enough, Peacock has revealed the new Bombshells who are set to arrive at Casa Amor and shake up the game.  

What is Casa Amor? 

This fan-favorite twist tests the Islanders' commitment to their couples by having either the guys or the girls leave the Villa and head to a new location, Casa Amor. With the couples separated, a group of new Bombshells arrive to attempt to get the attention of the Islanders. Will the couples resist the temptation of the new Bombshells, or will the Bombshells land an Islander and send someone home?  

Meet the Bombshells: 

Caine Bacon  

Love Island Season 6: Caine

Age: 28 
Hometown: Norwich, UK 
Currently Lives: Norwich, UK 
Occupation: Security Guard/Personal Trainer 
Instagram: @caine_fit 
Fast Facts: 

  • He can walk on his hands anytime, anyplace. 

  • Caine has metal in both of his legs. He couldn’t use both his legs for 2 years. 

  • He got bitten by a monkey when he was 16 years old. 

  • He has traveled to Egypt. 

Catherine Marshall  

Love Island USA: Catherine

Age: 24 
Hometown: Hillsboro, OR 
Currently Lives: Fountain Hills, AZ 
Occupation: Personal Assistant 
Instagram: @catherine.marshall 
Fast Facts: 

  • Her parents are from Puerto Rico, and she is Dominican. 

  • Her biggest need in a relationship is wanting to feel like a Princess, but always goes out of her way to make her man feel special, too. 

  • As an Aries, she prides herself on being very honest and direct when it comes to drama. 

  • She is bilingual (Spanish and English) and tends to go full-Spanish-language when she’s upset. 

Daia McGhee 

Love Island USA: Daia

Age: 27 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 
Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA / Sydney, Australia 
Occupation: Photographer 
Instagram: @daialarie 
Fast Facts: 

  • She has lived in Bali, Australia, London, and France. 

  • While traveling, she got a job in France doing social media marketing for small local stores. 

  • She knows how to make really good Mexican food. 

  • She can speak Spanish. 

Daniela Ortiz Rivera  

Love Island USA: Daniela

Age: 22 
Hometown: San Juan, PR 
Currently Lives: Longwood, FL 
Occupation: College Student / Server 
Instagram: @daniela.orti 
Fast Facts: 

  • Has done every sport from ballet to cheer, soccer, and basketball. 

  • She taught herself how to sew. 

  • Daniela learned how to surf and paddle board at a young age. 

  • She loves to build Legos. 

Destiny Herzog  

Love Island USA Season 6: Destiny

Age: 22 
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ 
Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA 
Occupation: Model 
Instagram: @destinyherzog 
Fast Facts: 

  • Destiny loves to travel and is never home. 

  • Music is a big part of her life — you can always find her at a festival. 

  • She was born in Paris, France and currently holds 3 passports (Israel, France, and USA). 

  • She is known for always being late to everything in her life and has missed so many flights as a result. 

  • She just started her modeling career in Los Angeles and just walked the runway during Swim Week in Miami. 

George Vining  

Love Island USA Season 6: George

Age: 23 
Hometown: Macon, GA 
Currently Lives: Athens, GA 
Occupation: Lab Research Assistant 
Instagram: @georgebvining 
Fast Facts: 

  • He was a pre-med student and played football in college. 

  • His friends think he is a hopeless romantic. 

  • His celebrity crushes are Margot Robbie and Sofia Vergara. 

  • He used to have a deathly phobia of dogs after almost getting attacked by one when he was younger. But after he was required to volunteer at a dog shelter in high school, he became a dog lover. 

Ignacio Ferrari 

Love Island USA Season 6: Ignacio

Age: 28 
Hometown: Mar del Plata, Argentina 
Currently Lives: Medellín, Colombia 
Occupation: International Model 
Instagram: @ignacioferrari_ 
Fast Facts: 

  • He once lived in Thailand and organized the whole move in one day on New Year’s Eve. 

  • His celebrity crushes are Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande. “If you sing, you have taken my heart.” 

  • He speaks Portuguese and has 2 Brazilian ex-girlfriends. 

  • He can do 200 squats unbroken, and he can belly dance. 

Jacobi Graham  

Love Island USA Season 6: Jacobi

Age: 23 
Hometown: Gonzales, LA 
Currently Lives: Houston, TX 
Occupation: Personal Trainer 
Instagram: @cobigrams 
Fast Facts: 

  • His celebrity crush is Tyla. 

  • Jacobi has never been in a relationship. 

  • He knows how to breakdance. 

  • He once got a rock stuck in his ear and had surgery to get it out. 

Jalen Oliver  

Love Island USA Season 6: Jalen

Age: 24 
Hometown: Hagerstown, IN 
Currently Lives: Indianapolis, IN 
Occupation: College Student 
Instagram: @jalen.oliver 
Fast Facts: 

  • He used to be a musician, rapping and singing, and people said he sounded like Bruno Mars. 

  • His celebrity crush is Sommer Ray. 

  • He had brain surgery when he was little and is totally fine now. 

  • He has an alter ego for when he goes out named Tyler McKennan. 

Josiah Roebuck  

Love Island USA Season 6: Josiah

Age: 25 
Hometown: St. Thomas, USVI 
Currently Lives: Charlotte, NC 
Occupation: Software Engineer 
Instagram: @josiahroebuck 
Fast Facts: 

  • His celebrity crushes are Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Kristin Davis, and Tyla. 

  • He once split his pants while break dancing at a wedding. 

  • He reads romance novels to understand women better. 

Sierra Mills  

Love Island USA Season 6: Sierra

Age: 22 
Hometown: Escondido, CA 
Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA 
Occupation: Administrative Assistant / Bottle Waitress 
Instagram: @sadesisi 
Fast Facts: 

  • She has a French Bulldog named Pierre. 

  • Her favorite movie is Twilight

  • She has dated two different guys who were twins. 

  • She loves to travel and hopes to go to Brazil one day. 

Sydney Leighton  

Love Island USA Season 6: Sydney

Age: 24 
Hometown: Rumson, NJ 
Currently Lives: New York, NY 
Occupation: Unemployed 
Instagram: @sydleighton 
Fast Facts: 

  • Her celebrity crush is Glen Powell. 

  • She is a human Shazam. 

  • Sydney hates country music. 

  • She spontaneously traveled to London to see a boy. 

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