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Week 4 Love Island USA Recap: Episodes 23-27

Casa Amor no more!

By Caitlin Atkinson

Casa Amor week continued and ultimately came to an end with one of the most dramatic re-couplings in Love Island USA history. While some couples were in turmoil upon returning to the villa, one couple made it official. And, of course, the first-ever movie night came to Love Island USA, so grab your popcorn and buckle up for a recap of this year’s wildest week of television! [Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

Casa Amor

A Tale of Two Hideaways.. and the Main Bedroom

This week started off with a sexy surprise as the islanders in the main villa and at Casa Amor had the chance to send two couples to the hideaway. The villa sent Bergie and Taylor S, while Casa Amor chose Destiny and Isiah “Zay.” But while Bergie and Taylor S got freaky with fuzzy handcuffs,  Destiny immediately fell asleep… sorry Zay, but a girl’s gotta get her beauty sleep.

Meanwhile in the main bedroom, Leo and Johnnie had an intimate night of their own. Shocking the villa, Johnnie confessed to Taylor C the next morning that she and Leo ended up going all the way. While Marco and the boys questioned Leo’s decision, Leo continued to battle with his lingering feelings for Kassy, and debated whether he should bring Johnnie back to the villa. Meanwhile at Casa Amor, Kassy’s head was scrambled over her feelings towards VIP Matia and OG Leo.

Carmen Kassy And Kay Kay Love Island

The Video… and the Fallout

Things took a turn for the worse after the girls at Casa Amor received a video that left them stunned and speechless. Kay Kay fell to her knees in despair after watching a clip of Keenan and Najah in no place other than, you guessed it, Soul Ties, and another painful clip of them of them in bed. The girls immediately called out Keenan’s patterns and encouraged her to move on. Meanwhile, Keenan continued to get to know Najah and the chemistry was growing…

Hannah promptly brushed off a clip showing Marco reconnecting with his ex (who also happens to be named Hannah), reassuring herself that the connection she and Marco have is strong enough to withstand that kind of a test. Instead, she put her energy into comforting her girl Kay Kay.

But one mysterious clip of a brunette VIP confiding that she slept with one of the boys left the girls suspicious and speculating. Kassy feared that the brunette looked like Leo’s type and was left to wonder if he connected with someone else.

Mike decided to give Marco’s ex, Hannah O, a chance, and asked her if she wanted to share a bed with him. While he told Dasia that he still wanted to keep the door open with her, she made it clear that exploring a physical connection with another woman was crossing a line.

On the final night in Casa, the other connections stood as follows:

  • Carmen hinted to Rob that her feelings for Kenzo were deep.

  • Kenzo and Marco maintained their loyalties to Carmen and Hannah.

  • Taylor S encouraged Bergie to break down his walls and be more physical with her.

  • Imani and Kyle, Jonah and Taylor O, and Destiny and Zay were all in solid places.

Kay Kay And Keenan

Stick or Twist?

After a dramatic whirlwind of a week, the time finally came for the islanders to gather around the firepit and make the ultimate decision — to stick with their former partner or recouple with one of the Casa VIPs. One by one, the ladies returned to the villa, and the recoupling unraveled as follows:

  • Kenzo and Carmen decided to stick together (and Kenzo almost wiped out while running to greet his bae)

  • Marco and Hannah decided to stick together.

  • Single Mike recoupled with Hannah O.

  • Single Imani recoupled with Kyle.

  • Single Bergie recoupled with Taylor S.

  • Jonah, formerly with Destiny, recoupled with Taylor C...

  • While Destiny, formerly with Jonah (although she apparently forgot they had been coupled up until Sarah Hyland reminded her), recoupled with Zay.

  • Leo, formerly with Kassy, recoupled with Johnnie…

  • While Kassy, formerly with Leo, recoupled with Matia.

  • Keenan decided to stick with Kay Kay…

  • While Kay Kay decided to return single and unwilling to recouple with Keenan.

Reeling from the recoupling, Kay Kay told Keenan that “Soul Ties is crazy” and that she was appalled by his lack of respect for their boundaries. Keenan stood by his decision to test his connection with Najah. Kay Kay was upset but eventually took Keenan back, leaving some of the girls to question her decision.

Love Island Usa Leo

Casa No-more

Kassy called out Leo for sleeping with someone he just met, declaring to him: “I don’t know you.” Leo showed regret and guilt and told her that she is still the one that he wants. Shortly after this intimate conversation, Kassy caught Leo and Johnnie cuddling in bed, which made her wonder if she should put all of her eggs into Matia’s basket. Meanwhile, Johnnie shed tears over Leo’s flip-flopping, and Matia grew frustrated with Kassy’s indecisiveness.

Hannah O and Zay discovered that Mike and Destiny may have been closer than they thought after witnessing Destiny get upset over Mike’s behavior in Casa Amor. For Destiny and Mike, it seemed like the door might still be open.

On a lighter note, Carmen and Kenzo got a special text and headed off on their first date together outside of the villa. They met at a romantic beach and went kayaking before enjoying a picnic with champagne. To Carmen’s surprise, Kenzo popped the big question and asked her to be his girlfriend, saying that she is “his sunrise and his sunset.” Scottsdale, here they come!

Love Island Usa Movie Night

Grab Your Popcorn, It’s Movie Night

For the first time in Love Island USA history, the islanders gathered around the big screen for a dramatic movie night. While the night started off lighthearted with a clip of Destiny snoozing away in the hideaway, it quickly took a turn. Destiny was shocked by  Hannah O’s handsy behavior with Mike, but Mike shot back that it was none of Destiny’s business — especially since she had brought Zay back to the villa.

In the next explosive clip, the islanders watched in disbelief as Leo called Johnnie the “it girl” and then disappeared with her under the covers. Both Kassy and Johnnie teamed up on Leo and called him out for giving them both mixed signals. Under the eyes of all the islanders, Leo shared that he can’t give 100% of himself to Johnnie, and that he still has feelings for Kassy.

Movie night continues in tonight’s episode. Will Kay Kay change her tune about Keenan? Will Hannah feel differently about Marco’s encounter with his ex? Will Kenzo be upset over seeing his new girlfriend flirt with Rob? Find out TONIGHT on Love Island USA.

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