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A moon base crew fights for survival in the aftermath of a massive explosion that shifts the moon from its orbit into the unknown abyss of space.
  • Breakaway

    Episode 1 - 50 mins
    An explosion disintegrates the moon's dark side and hurls it, along with 311 occupants, out of Earth's orbit.
  • Force of Life

    Episode 2 - 50 mins
    A wandering energy force inhabits the body of Alpha technician Anton Zoref, turning him into an energy absorbing being.
  • Collision Course

    Episode 3 - 50 mins
    An ancient alien queen persuades Koenig to allow their moon to collide with her planet.
  • War Games

    Episode 4 - 50 mins
    Koenig appeals aliens to allow the crew to settle on their planet after the aliens' attack leaves Moonbase Alpha inhabitable.
  • Death's Other Dominion

    Episode 5 - 50 mins
    Two inhabitants of an ice planet encourage Koenig to join them in immortality.
  • Voyager's Return

    Episode 6 - 50 mins
    Revenge-seeking aliens complicate matters as the crew tries to incapacitate a deadly ship with valuable information.
  • Alpha Child

    Episode 7 - 50 mins
    Cynthia's son turns out to be an alien seeking human bodies for fleeing fugitive space travelers to inhabit.
  • Dragon's Domain

    Episode 8 - 50 mins
    Cellini tries to vindicate himself by proving the existence of a terrifying, tentacled monster.
  • Mission of the Darians

    Episode 9 - 50 mins
    The crew answers a ship's distress signal and discovers its occupants employing a gruesome survival technique.
  • Black Sun

    Episode 10 - 50 mins
    The Alphans take drastic measures to prevent the traveling moon from drifting into a black sun.
  • Guardian of Piri

    Episode 11 - 50 mins
    A beautiful woman convinces all but Koenig to join her on a seemingly paradisiacal planet.
  • End of Eternity

    Episode 12 - 50 mins
    While exploring a cavern in an asteroid, the Alphans release Balor, a sadistic alien who has achieved immortality.
  • Matter of Life and Death

    Episode 13 - 50 mins
    Dr. Russell's presumed-dead husband mysteriously reappears on a reconnaissance mission to a nearby planet.
  • Earthbound

    Episode 14 - 50 mins
    Simmonds forces Koenig to let him take the place of a dead alien on an earthbound ship.
  • Full Circle

    Episode 15 - 50 mins
    Several of the crew become Cro-Magnons after being caught in a time warp on a newly discovered planet.
  • Another Time, Another Place

    Episode 16 - 50 mins
    A sudden acceleration creates a duplicate moon complete with replicas of the crew.
  • Last Sunset

    Episode 17 - 50 mins
    Communication from another planet dashes the crew's hopes of settling on a planet similar to Earth.
  • Infernal Machine

    Episode 18 - 50 mins
    Helena and Koenig are imprisoned on a spacecraft to serve a machine for the rest of their lives.
  • Ring Around the Moon

    Episode 19 - 50 mins
    Koenig must prevent an alien force on an obsolete mission from destroying Moonbase Alpha and its occupants.
  • Missing Link

    Episode 20 - 50 mins
    Koenig's soul is captured and scrutinized by an alien living there.
  • Space Brain

    Episode 21 - 50 mins
    Koenig decides to use explosives to prevent a collision with an unseen intelligence.
  • Troubled Spirit

    Episode 22 - 50 mins
    A botanist's experiments in communication between plants and man bring bizarre, frightening results.
  • Testament of Arkadia

    Episode 23 - 50 mins
    Koenig is faced with a tough choice when Moonbase Alpha's orbit ceases.
  • Last Enemy

    Episode 24 - 50 mins
    Koenig arranges a cease-fire between warring planets when Moonbase Alpha is caught in their fire.

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