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Pac-Man and his friends must protect Pac-World from evil spirits trying to take over the planet.
  • Ride the Wild Pac-topus
    Episode 122 mins
    Dr. Buttocks tries to steal Pac's golden key; he uses a mind control chip.
  • Meanie Genie
    Episode 222 mins
    Pac is tricked into finding a bottle holding a genie, who promises to grant his every wish.
  • Cave PAC-MAN
    Episode 322 mins
    Dr. Buttocks gets himself into another sticky situation by defrosting a prehistoric Cave-Kid.
  • Cosmic Contest
    Episode 422 mins
    The Overlords force the combatants to compete in a race.
  • That Smarts!
    Episode 522 mins
    With Sir C gone, Pacopolis needs a new genius.
  • Pac-Mania
    Episode 622 mins
    Pac enjoys being a celebrity until a TV show based on him, Cyli and Spiral makes them look silly.
  • Rip Van Packle
    Episode 722 mins
    Pac tries to locate the Pointy Planet and his parents.
  • Spooka-Bazooka!
    Episode 822 mins
    Betrayus comes up with a plot to conquer PacWorld.
  • The Pac Be With You
    Episode 922 mins
    Pac learns new fighting techniques from Blinky.
  • The Shadow of the Were-Pac
    Episode 1022 mins
    President Spheros throws a Halloween party but mysterious Were-Pac attacks overshadow it.
  • A Hard Dazed Knight
    Episode 1122 mins
    Dr. Buttocks coats some ancient armor with his newly invented Buttanium.
  • Cap'n Banshee and His Interstellar Buccaneers
    Episode 1222 mins
    A summer sky cruise takes a turn for the worse when Pac and his pals confront an enemy.
  • Happy Holidays and a Merry Berry Day
    Episode 1322 mins
    As the holidays approach, Pac gets a surprise visit from his parents who are on a secret mission.
  • Peace Without Slime
    Episode 1422 mins
    President Spheros is up for re-election but his brother will do anything to make him lose.
  • The Ghost Behind the Throne
    Episode 1522 mins
    Pac must stop Obtuse from handing over the Tree of Life and the Repository to Betrayus.
  • The Nerd Is the Word
    Episode 1622 mins
    Butt-ler gets roped into infiltrating Pac-Man's dorm, disguised as an exchange student.
  • The Bride of Grinder
    Episode 1722 mins
    Doctor Buttocks reprograms Grinder's gal with a malicious code to steal secrets.
  • The Legend of Creepy Hollow
    Episode 1822 mins
    Skeebo pranks Pac, Cyli and Spiral, making them believe a legendary monster is real.
  • Easter Egg Island
    Episode 1922 mins
    The Easter Peep gets revenge on Betrayus, stealing his subjects.
  • The Wizard of Odd
    Episode 2022 mins
    Pac and Fuzbitz go through a space worm to an odd world.
  • Indiana Pac and the Dentures of Doom
    Episode 2122 mins
    The diabolical dentures of an evil Mummy wizard could cause the destruction of PacWorld.
  • Honey, I Digitized the Pac-Man
    Episode 2222 mins
    Dr. Buttocks infects Pac-World's computers with his virus ghosts so Pac must stop the invasion.
  • Pac's Very Scary Halloween Part 1
    Episode 2326 mins
    Pac, Spiral and Cyli go to a special Halloween dinner.
  • Pac's Very Scary Halloween Part 2
    Episode 2422 mins
    Pac, Spiral and Cyli go to a special Halloween dinner.
  • Santa Pac
    Episode 2522 mins
    Betrayus plans to put an end to PacWorld's most festive holiday.
  • New Girl in Town
    Episode 2622 mins
    Pac-Man and friends are put on security detail to protect the new girl and keep her safe.

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