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A young bee sent by the queen bee to find pollen makes friends with several creatures of the forest when she discovers a new world that surrounds her.
  • The Birth of Maya

    Episode 1 - 11 mins
    Maya’s birth, her discovery of the hive’s life and its organization and her friendships.
  • The Take Off

    Episode 2 - 12 mins
    Maya sneaks out of the hive at night for the first time; she saves Willy from a frog and an owl.
  • Judge Beeswax

    Episode 3 - 12 mins
    Judge Beeswax inspects the hive and discovers that Maya lives outside.
  • Willy's Bottle

    Episode 4 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy discover an abandoned soda bottle.
  • The Queen's Messenger

    Episode 5 - 12 mins
    Miss Cassandra organizes a contest to select the new junior messenger for the Queen.
  • Beware of the Bear

    Episode 6 - 12 mins
    After Willy spots a bear, Maya informs the Queen who gives the order to evacuate the hive.
  • Maya to the Rescue

    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    Maya and the ants organize a rescue mission to save her friend.
  • Shadow Play

    Episode 8 - 12 mins
    A young bee sent by the Queen to find pollen makes friends with several creatures of the forest.
  • The Stranger

    Episode 9 - 12 mins
    Maya and her friends discover a huge slime trail and Shelby's mushrooms have all disappeared.
  • Misleading Appearances

    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    Maya and Willy meet a nice caterpillar called Momo, but he metamorphoses into a moth.
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Episode 11 - 12 mins
    It's the great pollen harvest day but Maya and Willy have accidentally sent the whole hive to sleep.
  • No Sleep For Maya

    Episode 12 - 12 mins
    Chris tries to convince Lila to go to the ball with him, but the message doesn’t go as planned.
  • Philibert

    Episode 13 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy accidentally destroy a little fruit worm's home.
  • Dancing with Bees

    Episode 14 - 11 mins
    Maya tries to learn the bee dance, but it's difficult; Maya finds a new field of flowers.
  • King Willy

    Episode 15 - 12 mins
    Through a combination of circumstances, Willy becomes the king of a lost aphid heard.
  • Night Blooms

    Episode 16 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy cross the forest to see a very rare flower, but it gets dark and they get lost.
  • Powder Power

    Episode 17 - 11 mins
    Maya accidentally gets Beatrice’s wings wet and she loses some powder and can’t fly anymore.
  • Royal Outing

    Episode 18 - 12 mins
    While the Queen leaves the hive for a little holiday, Beeswax takes a young Queen to replace her.
  • Keep Ball Rolling

    Episode 19 - 12 mins
    A fly has stolen Ben's ball to use it as a nest to lay her eggs.
  • The Wild Bunch

    Episode 20 - 12 mins
    Maya is excited about a visit from Flip’s cousins.
  • Bee Clean

    Episode 21 - 12 mins
    Wild bees help Maya and Willy when the hive becomes infested with a parasite.
  • Crack

    Episode 22 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy accidentally break Shelby's shell, they must find a way to repair it.
  • Mrs Hermit Beetle's Journey

    Episode 23 - 12 mins
    Maya wants to help Miss Hermit's Beetle, an old lady who lost her home during a storm.
  • Flying License

    Episode 24 - 11 mins
    Lord Beeswax witnesses an accident caused by Maya.
  • No Friends for Dino

    Episode 25 - 11 mins
    Maya meets a nice earwig who's a real artist and sculpts everything he sees.
  • Mother Courage

    Episode 26 - 12 mins
    Maya helps the firebugs and their mother.
  • Cake for the Queen

    Episode 27 - 11 mins
    Unknowingly, Willy and Maya eat the Queen’s cake; Willy tries to make a new one.
  • Ring-a-Ring-a Caterpillar

    Episode 28 - 12 mins
    Maya meets a colony of oak procession moths crossing the meadow.
  • Hoverfly Spy

    Episode 29 - 11 mins
    When the wasps steal the honey of a special messenger, Syrphie helps Maya to get it back.
  • Shelby's Dream

    Episode 30 - 11 mins
    Shelby dreams of being able to fly; Maya and Willy want to help him to accomplish his dream.
  • The Great Pollen Robbery

    Episode 31 - 12 mins
    The neighbor hive has decided to offer the meadow hive a tulip full of pollen.
  • Maya's Garden

    Episode 32 - 12 mins
    Maya and Willy discover a flower that makes delicious nectar, but there is only one left.
  • Max Has a Crush

    Episode 33 - 12 mins
    Max has a crush on a beautiful caterpillar so Maya helps him to become her friend.
  • Thekla Is in a State

    Episode 34 - 11 mins
    Thekla the spider is really sick, and though she's a spider, Maya has compassion for her.
  • Hive Jive

    Episode 35 - 12 mins
    The Queen wants to see a famous bumblebee singer who used to work with the musician Flip.
  • Sleepless Max

    Episode 36 - 12 mins
    Max can't sleep and hears odd noises in his galleries; Maya, Flip and Willy leave on an exploration.
  • What a Nice Wasp

    Episode 37 - 12 mins
    Maya and Willy meet a wasp who's very different from the others.
  • Willy Moves Out

    Episode 38 - 12 mins
    With the hive becoming too crowded, Beeswax orders one of Maya's closest friends to leave.
  • Weather on Demand

    Episode 39 - 12 mins
    Lara pretends to be able to change the weather, but she just reads the signs in nature.
  • Follow That Egg

    Episode 40 - 11 mins
    Maya finds a mysterious egg and tries to find its nest.
  • In Search of the Lost Dung

    Episode 41 - 12 mins
    Ben meets Rudy and both challenge each other to get the most beautiful dung they’ve ever seen.
  • Queen of the Solar Eclipse

    Episode 42 - 12 mins
    Maya tries to calm the meadow after an eclipse sends the hive into a frenzy.
  • Henry's Cabin

    Episode 43 - 12 mins
    The ant camp is attacked by an ant-lion and Maya helps hide the eggs in a secret cabin.
  • The Haunted Hive

    Episode 44 - 12 mins
    Maya discovers a little creature haunting the basements of the hive.
  • Bee Day

    Episode 45 - 12 mins
    Maya learns some insects celebrate their birth or transformation day and wants to know her own.
  • Wings of a Champion

    Episode 46 - 12 mins
    Maya and Willy meet Grandad Dragonfly, who tells them that he used to be a great race champion.
  • The Queen's Scepter

    Episode 47 - 12 mins
    Maya has to decorate the Queen’s scepter, but it disappears.
  • Night of the Giants

    Episode 48 - 12 mins
    Willy and Maya train a stag beetle to fight against Pat the cricket.
  • Edgar the Fearless

    Episode 49 - 11 mins
    Maya must help a young bee overcome his fears of going outside and being out in the big wide world.
  • Molly the Miner

    Episode 50 - 11 mins
    Maya makes friends with a mole-cricket who can't remember where she put her food.
  • Barry's Glasses

    Episode 51 - 12 mins
    Willy loses Barry’s glasses in propolis, which solidifies into a ball.
  • Bless You Miss Cassandra

    Episode 52 - 12 mins
    Miss Cassandra can't work at the hive anymore because she has allergies.
  • Alarm

    Episode 53 - 11 mins
    Maya buries her own reserves for winter and creates a map to find them again.
  • Maya Commander in Chief

    Episode 54 - 12 mins
    Maya is sent in to lead the ants to a supply of seeds.
  • Forbidden Fruit

    Episode 55 - 12 mins
    A creature eats the precious strawberries of the ants, creating problems.
  • Thank You Wasps

    Episode 56 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy help Flip when he needs pear juice.
  • Sulky Willy

    Episode 57 - 12 mins
    After a misunderstanding between Maya and Willy, Willy sulks.
  • Queen for a Day

    Episode 58 - 12 mins
    A young queen turns the hive upside down when Beeswax finds a temporary replacement for the Queen.
  • Harmony in the Meadow

    Episode 59 - 11 mins
    To repair the broken strings of Flip’s violin, Maya, Willy and Flip seek help from Stridularius.
  • Willy Loses His Memory

    Episode 60 - 12 mins
    Willy loses his memory and an ant convinces him that he is also an ant to use him.
  • Rainbow Pollen

    Episode 61 - 12 mins
    Willy participates in a pollen ball competition and is helped by a black firefly.
  • Greedy Frogs

    Episode 62 - 12 mins
    Maya and Willy meet a couple of frogs.
  • Dragonfly Express

    Episode 63 - 12 mins
    A little dragonfly has forgotten who she has to deliver a package to.
  • On with the Show

    Episode 64 - 12 mins
    Maya organizes a talent show to prove that everybody, not just Lara, is talented.
  • Night Flight

    Episode 65 - 12 mins
    Maya must find the Queen when she gets lost with her guards in the forest at night.
  • The Outsider

    Episode 66 - 11 mins
    A new bee, Hannah, claims she is not a real bee and that she can’t find resin buds to make propolis.
  • The New Shelby

    Episode 67 - 12 mins
    Shelby is scared of a seemingly harmless predator; Maya tries to help Shelby disguise his shell.
  • Willy Guards the Hive

    Episode 68 - 12 mins
    Willy learns how to guard the hive but Beeswax and the wasps make it a tough lesson.
  • A Flower to Share

    Episode 69 - 11 mins
    Maya has found the perfect new flower to sleep in, but another bee pretends she found it before her.
  • Did I Say That?

    Episode 70 - 12 mins
    Willy accidentally eats some nectar that Lara had set aside for Maya.
  • A Friend for the Oak

    Episode 71 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy's favorite tree, the oak, is sick; they need to plant a truffle under the tree.
  • The Runaway Bee

    Episode 72 - 12 mins
    Zig, a little bee, flees his hive because he can't help goofing around, and he just made a mistake.
  • The Big Bad Earwig

    Episode 73 - 11 mins
    Maya and Willy are on the track of the “big bad earwig,” who is said to be prowling around.
  • Doc Slick

    Episode 74 - 12 mins
    Doc Slick is a pedlar who will do anything to seduce the beautiful singer Lady Cricket.
  • The Gift from Above

    Episode 75 - 12 mins
    A cow pie lands in front of the hive as the Queen prepares to receive other queens that night.
  • Once Upon a Slime

    Episode 76 - 12 mins
    There is a heat wave in the meadow and Slink the slug is stuck on the ground.
  • The Big Eat

    Episode 77 - 12 mins
    Maya gets sick after eating soil, and her friends try to make her feel better.
  • A Surprise for Maya

    Episode 78 - 12 mins
    Willy and his friends want to prepare a great surprise for Maya to thank her for all she does.

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