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Baby John, his family and friends sing and dance along to nursery rhymes while learning about the world around them and celebrating special occasions.
  • Fun at the Playground
    Episode 1 - 32 mins
    Baby John meets new friends and learns how to take turns at the playground.
  • Bedtime Stories
    Episode 2 - 36 mins
    As Baby John gets ready for bed, he sometimes needs reminding of his bedtime routine.
  • We Love Healthy Food
    Episode 3 - 32 mins
    Baby John learns that he can grow big and strong if he eats healthy snacks.
  • Classic Nursery Rhymes
    Episode 4 - 32 mins
    Baby John and the family love singing classic nursery rhymes and their favorite songs.
  • It's Bath Time
    Episode 5 - 33 mins
    Baby John loves playing with toys in the bath, just like his favorite toy Baby Shark.
  • Get Up and Dance
    Episode 6 - 34 mins
    Baby John loves to get his groove on and dance along to the music.
  • Play Pretend Stories
    Episode 7 - 30 mins
    Baby John loves to dress up and use his imagination to be whatever he wants.
  • We Love the Beach
    Episode 8 - 31 mins
    Baby John and his family love to visit the hot beach.
  • Baby John's Halloween
    Episode 9 - 30 mins
    Baby John loves to dress up and go trick-or-treating while singing Halloween songs.
  • Christmas Special
    Episode 10 - 32 mins
    The family love spending time together, which is why they love Christmas.

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