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A true crime docuseries that chronicles the unfortunate events that take place as unsuspecting travelers board cruise ships and never return home from vacation; interviews from family, friends and experts detail each case.
  • Ashley
    Episode 144 mins
    After a wild night on a party cruise, a young, beautiful, aspiring actress is found dead.
  • Shelly
    Episode 244 mins
    A cruise vacation for a husband and wife ends up with one of them going overboard.
  • Sadie
    Episode 344 mins
    A professor's assistant goes missing at sea near the end of a long voyage. And clues to her disappearance are detailed in a diary discovered in her cabin. How did she disappear? And does anyone on board know what happened to her?
  • Jacob
    Episode 444 mins
    A successful businessman takes a luxury cruise with two of his former classmates. When he goes missing, all signs point to foul play. (CC) (14+) (CC)
  • Betsy
    Episode 544 mins
    A retired teacher takes a solo Great Lakes cruise toward a family reunion. But when she doesn't check in with her family members back home, her loved ones begins to suspect something bad has befallen her. (CC) (14+) (CC)
  • Anna
    Episode 644 mins
    A German college student working aboard on a cruise ship goes missing at an Alaskan port. Did she decide to skip out on her duties or did a terrible fate await her on-shore? (CC) (14+) (CC)
  • Amy
    Episode 744 mins
    A family of four takes a cruise, but only three return home; all signs point to a kidnapping.
  • Sara
    Episode 844 mins
    A lottery ticket pays for a cruise for a young couple; but their luck runs out once aboard the ship.
  • Merrian
    Episode 944 mins
    A 40-year-old disappears on the second night of a cruise, leaving her family searching for answers.
  • Sarah
    Episode 1044 mins
    A sous chef aboard a cruise ship leaves her shift unexpectedly and is never seen again.
  • Bill
    Episode 1144 mins
    A couple takes a cruise to celebrate their business, but their luck takes a turn.
  • George
    Episode 1244 mins
    Things take a turn for the worse for newlyweds when one disappears in the middle of the night.
  • Sally
    Episode 1344 mins
    A poker player has success at sea, but when she witnesses a man overboard, suspicions arise.
  • Gordon
    Episode 1444 mins
    A farmer and his wife take a cruise celebrating good fortune, but the farmer is now missing at sea.
  • Sandra
    Episode 1544 mins
    A tech inventor disappears aboard a chartered ship, leaving many wondering what happened.
  • Erica
    Episode 1644 mins
    A social media maven takes a cruise she thinks will improve her standing, but she ends up murdered.
  • Abby
    Episode 1744 mins
    A fashion writer takes a London-to-New York cruise but ends up getting more than she bargained for.
  • Liam
    Episode 1844 mins
    A father and daughter take a cruise on the high seas, but the dad vanishes.
  • Muriel
    Episode 1944 mins
    A San Francisco socialite is murdered at sea; a servant who was staying in her room, may have clues.
  • Deanna
    Episode 2044 mins
    A youth ministry attendee vanishes from a cruise ship; someone in the ministry may have information.
  • Rachel
    Episode 2144 mins
    A friendly entrepreneur with financial troubles vanishes while on a cruise with her son.
  • Nadia
    Episode 2244 mins
    A high school reunion cruise turns deadly when the class brainiac turns up dead.
  • Vincent
    Episode 2344 mins
    Someone ends up stabbed aboard a cruise ship and all fingers point to a knife collector.
  • Steve
    Episode 2444 mins
    A real estate agent on a cruise gets more than he can deal with when he's discovered dead on deck.
  • James
    Episode 2544 mins
    A Fourth of July cruise turns deadly as a passenger vanishes moments after leaving the dance floor.
  • Teddy
    Episode 2644 mins
    A owner-operator gambling cruise director is found dead in the bathroom; all signs point to murder.

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