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Wannabe wrestlers compete for a WWE contract.
  • Casting Special
    Episode 141 mins
    Tryouts; Tazz freaks out; dreams come true; final 13 contestants are picked.
  • Down and Dirty
    Episode 222 mins
    Learning to fall; Stephanie offers advice; Tazz gives a wake up call.
  • The Rules of the Game
    Episode 325 mins
    Triple H discusses what life on the road is like; Darryl goofs off; Jason says goodbye.
  • The Billionaire Princess
    Episode 423 mins
    Al gets up close with Darryl; Victoria and Bobbie Jo say goodbye; fire in the house.
  • Dinner with Mr. Patterson
    Episode 526 mins
    A legend comes to dinner; Darryl does what Al says; a cut is made.
  • A Walk on the Wild Side
    Episode 620 mins
    The group is treated to dinner at a unique restaurant where Maven reveals another side of himself.
  • Bahamas or Bust
    Episode 727 mins
    Chris' personality shines through; paradise is found; injuries take their toll.
  • Injuries Start Piling Up
    Episode 826 mins
    Two girls are left; Team Xtreme pays a visit; Greg goes to the hospital.
  • Yale's Number One
    Episode 920 mins
    Al teaches everyone the circle game; Greg finds out some information; Chris loses a bet.
  • Have a Nice Day
    Episode 1027 mins
    Mick Foley shares the hardcore truth of the business with the group.
  • Lessons from the Road
    Episode 1122 mins
    Chris visits his parents; promos are cut; Taylor has a few too many drinks.
  • Beware of Rattlesnakes
    Episode 1226 mins
    Chris pouts; "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Debra visit the house; the five start doing moonsaults.
  • And the Winner Is
    Episode 1342 mins
    Contestants make their last attempt to impress the judges; winners are announced.

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