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Focusing on a single topic explored through the “Meet the Press” lens, anchored by NBC News Political Director and Moderator Chuck Todd.
  • How Much Is a Living Wage?
    Episode 7 - 27 mins
    A rise in the cost of living and stagnant wages affect voter attitudes and political preferences.
  • The Secret War on Terror
    Episode 6 - 27 mins
    U.S. forces quietly deploy around the globe in secret missions, eluding oversight.
  • The Fight for Reparations
    Episode 5 - 27 mins
    Calls for reparations to descendants of slavery gain awareness across the U.S.
  • Grifter Nation
    Episode 4 - 27 mins
    The art of the con evolves with the internet providing new opportunities for scammers and grifters.
  • The Race to Mars
    Episode 3 - 27 mins
    Modern space exploration and the global competition to Mars spark civil and military innovation.
  • The Power of A.I.
    Episode 2 - 27 mins
    Emerging advances into artificial intelligence raise questions about the future of humanity.
  • The Anti-Drag Movement
    Episode 1 - 27 mins
    State legislatures become the front lines of the anti-drag movement, targeting LGBTQ+ rights.

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