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Host Andy Cohen and sexologist Shan Boodram help singles overcome relationship issues after enduring a gauntlet of ratings by their exes across a number of steamy categories.

EX-RATED Episode 1

The Truth about Germs and Oral

S1 E1 . 34:11
Chris faces his sexual fears with the help of a sex doll.

EX-RATED Episode 2

The Softer Side of a Dominatrix

S1 E2 . 34:06
Dominatrix Sophia is put into a very vulnerable situation.

EX-RATED Episode 3

Cuddling with Andy Cohen

S1 E3 . 32:53
Dorian is confronted as her exes reveal her shortcomings.

EX-RATED Episode 4

Jenga Orgies and Think Before You Kink

S1 E4 . 31:42
David faces his biggest insecurity in a very public way.

EX-RATED Episode 5

An Ex-Fiancé Returns from Ghosting

S1 E5 . 33:38
Lauren's ex-fiancé shocks her after ghosting her.

EX-RATED Episode 6

Two Tops is a Crowd

S1 E6 . 30:31
Isaiah must confront two sexual obstacles to keep a man.

EX-RATED Episode 7

The Relationship Guru Can’t Find Love

S1 E7 . 30:57
A sex-filled road trip ends in betrayal.

EX-RATED Episode 8

The One-Hit Wonder

S1 E8 . 29:56
Jeremy has a lot of sexual walls from past relationships

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Reality • 1 Season • 8 Episodes • TV-MA • TV Series • 2021

EX-RATED is a revealing social experiment that looks at sex and relationships in a whole new light – it is hilarious, shocking, awkward and even informative.  

The series challenges adult singles of all ages and backgrounds to face raw, candid feedback on everything from their personality to sexual prowess and relationship skills in order to find out where they went wrong and how they can improve.

Host: Andy Cohen
Showrunner: Eric Pankowski
Executive Producers: Andy Cohen, Eric Pankowski, Ryan O’Dowd, Lynn Sutcliffe, Hugh Rycoft

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