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The Independent

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The Independent
Thriller • TV-MA L • Movie • 2022

It’s the final weeks of the most consequential presidential election in history. America is poised to elect either its first female president or its first viable independent candidate. Reporting history as it’s made, an idealistic young journalist teams up with her idol, legendary journalist Nick Booker, to uncover a conspiracy that places the fate of the election, and the country, in their hands.

Starring: Jodie Turner-Smith, Brian Cox, John Cena, Ann Dowd, Luke Kirby, Stephen Lange, Julianne Arrieta, Alicia Reiner
Director: Amy Rice
Written By: Evan Parter
Producers: Sam Bisbee, Ryan H. Cunningham, Theodora Dunlap, Evan Parter, Caddy Vanasirikul
Produced by: NEXT Productions

The Independent Cast

Elisha James
Jodie Turner-Smith

Nick Booker
Brian Cox

Nate Sterling
John Cena

Patricia Turnbull
Ann Dowd

Lucas Hart
Luke Kirby

Gordon White
Stephen Lange

Rachel Atkins
Julianne Arrieta

Kathy Gibbs
Alicia Reiner

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can watch The Independent movie starring John Cena, Brian Cox, and Jodie Turner-Smith on Peacock. Watch online or from your device by signing up for a Peacock account. View the full list of supported streaming devices.

The Independent is a Sky TV Original. Sky is the British sister company of Peacock.

The Independent film premiered on Peacock on November 2nd, 2022.