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7 Sports Movies That Capture the Spirit of Competition

These 7 sports movies funny, dramatic, and adrenaline pumping. Never underestimate the underdog!

By Peacock Staff

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Ready, set, go! Peacock’s got a starting roster of sports movies that’ll pump you up and have you cheering along. These adrenaline-rushing films will ignite your passion while stirring your emotions as you witness people push themselves to their limits to achieve sports greatness. Watching sports films is the perfect way to be inspired and energized — without even getting up from the couch! Check out these movies about sports that will leave you feeling like a winner.

1. Shooting Stars (2023)

Delving into the dynamic origins of living basketball legend LeBron James (Marquis Mookie Cook) and his childhood friends, this sports flick traces their journey from neighborhood ballers to the nation's top high school team. They propel LeBron to basketball stardom with grit and loyalty, leading to his legendary NBA career with four championships, two Olympic gold medals, and a record-breaking scoring title. Through triumphs and tribulations, the film celebrates friendship, resilience, and LeBron's unstoppable ascent to basketball immortality.

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2. All-Stars (2014)


This is one hilarious yet insightful glimpse into the chaotic world of youth fastpitch softball. After Coach Lance Grayden (Lance Kinsey) reluctantly takes on a team of inexperienced 10-year-olds, he must face overzealous parents and a team more interested in snacks than sports. As the season unfolds, Lance grapples with the age-old question: is winning everything, or is teaching teamwork more important? Sharp humor and poignant commentary on youth sports culture make this film a standout, reminding us all that sometimes the real competition isn't just on the field.

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3. United (2011)


This powerful sports movie tells the tragic true story of the 1958 Munich air disaster that struck the “Busby Babes,” a young, gifted group of soccer players on the Manchester United Football Club. As the team faces unimaginable loss, we watch their remarkable resilience and unity as they work to rebuild the squad. Starring David Tennant, the film is a raw depiction of human perseverance amidst heartbreak, showcasing the unbreakable bonds forged in the face of tragedy.

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4. Backwards (2012)


After missing her chance at the Summer Games, Abi Brooks (Sarah Megan Thomas), a former Olympic rowing hopeful, reluctantly coaches a high school crew team. As she navigates challenges and confronts her own disappointments, Abi discovers a new sense of purpose and passion for the sport. In the face of life's unexpected turns, this inspiring sports movie champions the belief that within every challenge lies the potential for growth and triumph.

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5. Extra Innings (2020)

Extra Innings

Hop on this nostalgic trip to 1960s Brooklyn, where David, a young baseball player, (Aidan Pierce Brennan) is caught between his sports dreams and his devotion to his family. As David navigates the complexities of adolescence, he discovers that baseball offers more than just a game, it's a lifeline. In this sanctuary, where he can escape the turmoil of his reality and find purpose on the field, David learns that true victory lies not in the final score but in the resilience to keep swinging.

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6. Goon (2011)


Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) is a bouncer whose fighting skills land him an unexpected spot as an enforcer on a minor league hockey team, even though he doesn’t have a skating background. As he navigates the rough-and-tumble world of professional hockey, Doug forms unlikely friendships, faces off against fierce opponents, and discovers the true meaning of teamwork. A unique blend of humor, heart, and hard-hitting action, this sports movie skates to the top of the leaderboard.

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7. Forever Strong (2008)

Forever Strong

Inspired by true events, Forever Strong follows the story of Rick Penning (Sean Faris), a troubled teenage rugby player who lands in juvenile detention after a reckless mistake. There, he finds redemption through the guidance of Coach Larry Gelwix and the Highland Rugby team. Forging deep bonds with his teammates and discovering his true potential in life and on the rugby pitch, this film leaves a lasting mark with a profound message: true strength is found in overcoming life's toughest challenges.

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