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Week 1 Love Island USA Recap Season 6: Episode 1-7

A new season has begun, and so has the drama.

By Henry Block
Love Island USA S6E7

The Islanders have just finished their first week in the Villa, but we already have make-outs, fake-outs, breakups, and makeups. We’ve seen kisses and tears and recoupling and a shocking elimination — and it’s only been seven days! Here’s what went down on Week one of Love Island USA Season 6. 


Meet the Islanders 

The season starts off with a bang with the Islanders and host Ariana Madix (Vanderpump Rules) doing a choreographed dance number on the Island. 

After the Islanders get to know each other a bit, Ariana decides to pick up the pace... quickly. The very first challenge of the new season is a make-out challenge, which sees the Islanders kissing one another and then forming the first couples based on their lips' first impressions.  

The girls make their selections, forming the following couples:  

  • Aaron and Kaylor  

  • Coye and JaNa 

  • Hannah and Kendall  

  • Kordell and Serena 

  • Leah and Rob 

But it wouldn’t be Love Island USA without a twist, and these new couples’ convictions are about to be tested.  

New Bombshells enter the Villa  

After the couples form, Liv, whose Australian accent charms the boys, enters the Villa and shakes things up. She now has 12 hours to meet the Islanders and decide which boy to steal.  

The next morning, the Islanders are adjusting to life in paradise, with some couples like Kordell and Serena deciding to take it slow, while others taking, well, a different approach. An instantly iconic moment comes when Kendall and Hannah make out by the pool, leaving Kendall’s face covered in her foundation. Oops.  

Though Liv is smitten with many of the boys, she decides to steal Rob away from Leah, which comes as a shock to all the Islanders — Rob included.  

The new couple is:  

  • Liv and Rob 

...leaving Leah single.  

A secret romance 

Though Leah is now single, and Rob is with Liv, not everything always goes according to plan. Rob and Leah still have feelings for each other and decide to keep meeting up in secret. Of course, it’s hard to keep secrets in the Villa.  

Two new Bombshells enter, and a challenge sparks drama 

That night, two new boys move into the Villa — Connor and Hakeem — and cause the girls to assess their partners. Though Kaylor likes Aaron, she shares a smooch with Connor, leaving her conflicted. Meanwhile, Hannah and Hakeem flirt it up, causing Kendall to raise his eyebrows.  

In a challenge designed to expose the Islanders’ dating histories, there’s no way that there wasn’t going to be any drama. While some couples get drawn closer together, that is not the case for JaNa and Coye, who had each lied to the other about how many people they’ve been with.  

Love Island USA S6E3

After the game, Coye refuses to apologize to JaNa for underselling how many girls he’s been with, and for saying that he wants a girl to have only been with a few guys. In turn, JaNa pulls the new Bombshell Connor for a chat to explore their chemistry.  

The recoupling ceremony: who gets sent home? 

The girls now face another choice: stick with their man or find someone new. Regardless, there’s one too many guys on the island and someone has to be sent home.  

Annoyed after she discovers that Rob and Leah are still seeing each other, Liv dumps Rob in favor of Hakeem, leaving Leah free to couple up again with Rob. In the end, JaNa is the last to choose and decides to couple up with Connor. 

Love Island USA S6E3

The new couples are:  

  • Aaron and Kaylor  

  • Connor and JaNa 

  • Hannah and Kendall  

  • Kordell and Serena 

  • Leah and Rob 

  • Liv and Hakeem  

...leaving Coye to be the first Islander eliminated.  

A dramatic challenge makes a splash 

During the airplane-themed “Island Vixen” challenge, the girls must splash water on a girl and a guy who fit the bill to shady questions and then pick a guy to make out with underneath a waterfall.  

Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 4

Liv splashes water on (and says some choice words to) Leah and Rob — still upset over their secret tryst behind her back. Both Hannah and Kaylor decide to kiss Hakeem instead of their partner, leaving tension in their wake. Kordell and Serena share their first kiss, but Serena doesn’t feel a spark.  

After the challenge, Serena decides to be open with her feelings and tells Kordell that she only sees a friendship with him. Ouch! Meanwhile, a tearful argument between Aaron and Kaylor over Kaylor kissing Hakeem and Connor leads to the two reaffirming their feelings for one another.  

Two more Bombshells emerge  

When Ariana invites the Islanders to the firepit, they expect a recoupling ceremony. Instead, she arrives in a full-glam lingerie outfit and invites the Islanders to an underwear party. But this is Love Island USA, so of course there’s a steamy surprise.  

With half of the cast blindfolded and the other half handcuffed, Ariana invites two new Bombshells to the Villa, and each gets to kiss a boy of their choosing in front of everyone. Nicole decides to kiss Kendall, while Andrea picks Aaron.  

Week 1: Who’s together, who’s single, and who went home? 

The first week of Love Island USA Season 6 is officially though! Though there’s so much more drama to come, here’s what you need to know going into Week two: 

Who’s together:  

  • Aaron and Kaylor  

  • Connor and JaNa 

  • Hannah and Kendall  

  • Leah and Rob 

  • Liv and Hakeem 

Who’s broken up:  

  • Kordell and Serena (the two are technically still together but plan to recouple at the next ceremony) 

Who’s single:  

  • The newest Bombshells, Nicole and Andrea.  

Who's been eliminated:

  • Coye

Who will couple up and who will get sent home? Find out an all-new episode of Love Island USA June 18 at 9p ET!  

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