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The Capitol’s Guide to a Cornucopia of Hunger Games Terms 

Greetings, citizens! The Capitol has generously published need-to-know information regarding the upcoming 74th Annual Hunger Games. Read on for a primer on what's what and who's who.

By Ariadne Night
Caesar Flickerman and Katniss Everdeen stand on stage after her "Girl on Fire" interview.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the exciting restart of the 74th Annual Hunger Games! It’s been quite a while without them, and I know my fellow Capitol members and I have been positively despondent without our yearly fix of bloodshed. Luckily for us, the games are back — and streaming now on Peacock, no less! I mean, talk about a level up! In honor of this momentous return to our most hallowed and heartrending tradition, I, on behalf of the Capitol, have been gifted the express privilege of gracing you, the citizens of the districts and beyond, with an official list of who’s who and what’s what in our amazing and shining nation of Panem. May the odds be ever in your favor, and happy Hunger Games to all.  

First, The What’s What 

1. Panem 

Arising from the ashes of what scholars once called "North America," our beloved and immoveable nation of Panem came to be in the wake of catastrophic ecological disasters around the world. Composed of 12 districts working together in harmony, Panem stands against the destruction that awaits outside our border and keeps her citizens in order and protected. Even from themselves.  

2. The Capitol  

Home to our brilliant nation’s iconic, brilliant, one-of-a-kind President Snow, the Capitol is also home to one of the most diverse populations in all Panem. Why, just take a step outside and you’ll be greeted by our expressive and fashion-forward citizens. Just a little #stylealert for you aspiring Capitol fashionistas: zebra hooves are officially out. We’re all in on antlers now.   

3. The Hunger Games 

After the events of the dreaded First Rebellion, where radicals from the original 12 districts waged war against The Capitol, The Hunger Games were implemented as a means of keeping order between the unruly districts and The Capitol. Now, each year, two tributes between the ages of 12 and 17 are chosen to take part in a glorious and patriotic battle to the death. Riches, fame, and bragging rights await our sole survivor of the games, should they survive, that is.  

4. The Reaping 

To be fair and in the name of sportsmanship, tributes for the games are chosen through a process known as The Reaping, where the names of one boy and one girl from each district are pulled at random. For those tributes desperate to prove themselves to their country, however, there lies a volunteer process that allows anyone to take part in the game who wishes to.  

5. The Cornucopia  

As a symbol of the Capitol’s prosperity, the cornucopia stands as the first thing candidates see when they enter the game. Chock full of survival supplies, weapons, and all manner of goodies, this metal structure will no doubt be the first site of bloodshed for this year's games. 

6. The Peacekeepers  

Our shining nation of Panem would fall to chaos without the tireless work of our Peacekeepers. As a force, they facilitate the true symbiosis of our great nation. Districts provide resources to The Capitol, and we send Peacekeepers to keep them from hurting themselves. What an exquisite collaboration! 

7. The Districts 

Each of the districts expresses love to the Capitol by unconditionally providing us with their resources. Individually, the districts all have a resource that they oversee: District 12, for example, oversees coal production, and District 10 handles our wheat. In exchange, we grant them protection and the opportunity to gain riches in the Hunger Games. As I said before, true symbiosis! 

The Who's Who  

1. President Snow — The Capitol 

Our shining and beloved President has ruled over this nation for a stunning 25 years! I know I speak for everyone when I say I fully expect him to be with us for another 25, if not more! 

2. Peeta — District 12 

Born to bakers in the District 12, Peeta was known as a very sweet and tender boy by his coal mining community back home. He was chosen during the Reaping alongside the tribute rumored to be the love of his life, Katniss Everdeen. A gifted visual artist with strong camouflaging skills, Peeta might have a chance of winning his first Hunger Games — should he be able to stand out, that is.  

3. Katniss — District 12 

What isn’t there to say about the fire-starting singularity Katniss Everdeen? After losing her father to a coal mining accident (sad), Katniss honed her talents with the bow and arrow in order to provide for her family (wow!). As the first ever tribute to volunteer from District 12, all eyes will no doubt be glued to Katniss and her star-crossed lover Peeta.  

4. Cato — District 2  

Towering over the other tributes at 6’2”, Cato is the male tribute for District 2. As one of the career tributes who have trained extensively for this opportunity, Cato stands as the current front runner for the 74th Hunger Games, especially when you factor in his prodigious talents for spear fighting.  

5. Clove — District 2  

As the female career tribute from District 2 (and the only player to give me the heebie jeebies), Clove might also be the last one standing by the end of the Hunger Games. Blessed with superior marksmanship and an excellent hand for throwing knives, Clove presents a real threat for all the other tributes. 

6. Thresh — District 11 

Possibly the strongest tribute in this year’s Hunger Games, Thresh’s stoic demeanor will no doubt make him a fan-favorite contestant amongst viewers in the Capitol. Though he seems to be disinterested in the press side of his responsibilities (boo), he will certainly still be the subject of many bets.  

7. Rue — District 11 

The most adorable candidate in the game, 12-year-old Rue’s delicate size and relative inexperience make her one of the more vulnerable tributes. With no real battle prowess to speak of, she risks not even being able to make it out of the Cornucopia. Let's cross our fingers that this young girl may possess some as-yet unseen abilities — for her sake.   

We are certainly in for some serious surprises with this year's competition. Who will win? Well, that’s up to the fates. In the meantime, we at The Capitol wish our tributes good luck. Fight your hardest, and Happy Hunger Games! 

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