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7 Cult Classic Films to Stream on Peacock

Join the cult! See for yourself why fans obsess over these films. 

By Henry Block
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

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They're the films with packed midnight screenings. The ones with fans who can quote every line. They’ve got homemade merch, websites, fan meet-ups, and traditions. They’re the ones where if you’re not in the know, you’re missing out. Whether these cult classic films got their proper due at the time of their premiere, or grew in popularity in the years since their release, they’ve developed a passionate fan base. 

Peacock’s wide film library includes a cult classic collection. Whether you've already joined the cult and want to watch one for the 100th time — or are curious as to what all the fuss is about — stream these certified cult classic movies. 

1. Labyrinth 


To rescue her baby brother from the mischievous Goblin King, a teenage girl has only 13 hours to navigate a dangerous, magical maze. With signature imaginative direction from The Muppets’ Jim Henson, and, most importantly, starring David Bowie in spandex, Labyrinth is funny, heartwarming, and weird enough to stand the test of time.  

Stream Labyrinth

2. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert  

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

Your Pride Month wouldn't be complete without a screening of Priscilla. This 1994 Oscar®-winning classic follows two drag queens and a trans woman as they traverse the Australian outback in a colorful beaten-down bus they name Priscilla. Winning over haters with their fabulous performances, the movie is a heartwarming celebration of self-expression. 

Stream The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  

3. Clue 


Nowadays it seems like everyone is making a movie about a board game, but 1985’s Clue did it first. This all-time camp classic follows six blackmailed guests, and an enigmatic butler (Tim Curry) as they solve a murder in a secluded New England mansion. In the film's original run, theaters would show one of three different endings to the film’s mystery. But in streaming the film, you can see all three endings sequentially, so you won’t have to miss Madeline Kahn’s iconic “flames on the sides of my face” speech. 

Stream Clue

4. Jennifer’s Body 

“You’re killing people!” “No, I’m killing boys.” 

Jennifer’s Body follows a high school cheerleader who, after being possessed by a demon, kills and devours her male classmates. Criminally underappreciated when it premiered in 2009, the comedy-horror revenge film has grown to become a true feminist cult classic. 

Stream Jennifer’s Body

5. The Cabin in the Woods  

The Cabin In The Woods

We can’t say much about this film without giving anything away, but it follows five young co-eds (including Chris Hemsworth) who head to a secluded cabin where things get murderous. Seems like a typical slasher film? We promise it’s not. Meta and hilarious (while still being scary) The Cabin in the Woods is a high-concept parody of slasher films (while still being a slasher film).  

Stream The Cabin in the Woods

6. Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut 

Donnie Darko

28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. When troubled teenager Donnie Darko sleepwalks out of his house one night, he encounters a giant, evil-looking rabbit named Frank who tells him the world will soon end. When he returns home, he finds a jet engine has crashed into his bedroom, but no plane has flown by. Starring real-life siblings Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Donnie Darko is part coming-of-age story, and part mind-blowing time travel sci-fi, and the director’s cut on Peacock delves more into the lore that has captivated audiences for over 20 years.  

Stream Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut. 

7. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

If The Cabin in the Woods subverts the slasher genre, then The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is where it began. In the movie, five young friends on a road trip through rural Texas encounter a family of deranged cannibals, including the iconic, chainsaw-wielding villain Leatherface. Though the film received a mixed reception in its time, it has since become considered one of the most influential horror films ever.  

Stream The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Content availability may vary over time. 

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