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15 Funny Christmas Movies to Get You Through the Holiday Season

Add these comedies to your streaming wish list. 

By Peacock Staff
Kyle Richards (L) and Betsy Brandt (R) in The Housewives Of The North Pole

All we want this holiday is a little Christmas comedy. From fan favorites like How the Grinch Stole Christmas to new instant classics like Genie, Peacock has got a bag full of gifts for every comedy fan this season! 

1. Genie 

In this Peacock Original, get ready to rock around the Christmas tree! Magical genie Flora (Melissa McCarthy) helps her newfound friend Bernard (Paapa Essiedu) unlock the spirit of the holidays and friendship to win his family back.  

Stream Genie on Peacock.

2. The Housewives of the North Pole (2021) 

Kyle Richards (L) and Betsy Brandt (R) in The Housewives Of The North Pole

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)  

Give the gift of laughter to all the Grinches on your block. Jim Carrey brings the notorious Christmas hater to life (green fur and all!) as he tries to steal the holiday spirit from Whoville.  

Stream How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Peacock Dec 20.

4. The Grinch (2018) 

A greener Grinch and a bigger Christmas! In this updated classic, the Cranky green Scrooge goes all out to stop the Whos of Whoville from having their biggest Christmas celebration yet (with a little help from his trusty dog Max, of course). 

Stream The Grinch on Peacock.

5. 12 Days of Christmas Eve (2004) 

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave me...déjà vu? Successful CEO Calvin (Steven Weber) must relive Christmas Eve repeatedly until he makes up for being such a scrooge. Along the way, he learns the magic of Christmas lies not in business, but in family.  

Stream 12 Days of Christmas Eve on Peacock.

6. Christmas Survival (2018) 

Christmas always brings the whole family together — maybe too close. When sisters Miranda (Gemma Whelan) and Lyla (Joely Richardson) bring their families together to spend the holidays at the old family cabin, it’s pure chaos as the two opposites try to survive the holiday getaway.   

Stream Christmas Survival on Peaock.

7. See You Next Christmas (2021) 

Roast some chestnuts on this hot holiday fire! Friends Logan (AJ Meijer) and Natalie (Elizabeth Guest) start believing fate is pushing them together when they keep showing up unattached at their friend’s annual Christmas party.   

Stream See You Next Christmas on Peacock.

8. All I Want for Christmas (2013) 

Toys aren’t on her list this year. Successful executive Elizabeth (Melissa Sagemiller) runs into one of Santa’s elves who grants her the ability to read other people’s minds in order to win the heart of the man of her dreams.  

Stream All I Want for Christmas on Peacock.

9. Christmas with the Andersons (2016) 

Sometimes the best gifts don’t come wrapped. Parents Mike (George Stults) and Caroline Anderson (Christy Carlson Romano) rediscover the most important part of the holidays with the help of Aunt Katie (Julie Brown) when they can’t afford presents for their kids.  

Stream Christmas with the Andersons on Peacock.

10. Christmas with the Karountzoses (2015) 

Grab a seat at the table and enjoy the family fireworks. Reeling from being refused a lucrative promotion, Michael Karountozos (Robert Krantz) has to rekindle his own Christmas spirit with his Greek family who have gathered around to celebrate his supposed success during the holidays.  

Stream Christmas with the Karountzoses on Peacock.

11. Christmas Time... (2017) 

Time heals all wounds. When brothers MacClain (Maclain Nelson) and Jake (Jake Van Wagoner) try to reconnect for the holidays, things get heated as one brother insists he’s really a time traveler.  

Stream Christmas Time... on Peacock.

12. Christmas Kid (2019) 

Talk about a bad work-life balance. When former child actor Anthony (Craig Roberts) returns home for Christmas, he must decide between revitalizing his struggling career or spending quality time with his family. 

Stream Christmas Kid on Peacock.

13. Elfette Saves Christmas (2019) 

Santa Claus is... not coming to town? It’s up to Elfette (Brielle Carter) to rescue the jolly man in red from the mafia’s hands before Christmas is ruined for millions of boys and girls.  

Stream: Elfette Saves Christmas on Peacock. 

14. Holiday Breakup (2016) 

Fake it till you make it! Breaking up when their relationship goes south, exes Chloe (Manon Mathews) and Jeff (Shawn Roe) pretend to still be a couple to make it through the holidays alone together.  

Stream Holiday Breakup on Peacock.

15. Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2016) 

Revenge is a dish best served at Christmas. While three wrathful ex-girlfriends come together to seek revenge on their former boyfriend, one of them finds an unexpected chance of love during this holiday revenge scheme.    

Stream Girlfriends of Christmas Past on Peacock.

Melissa McCarthy (L) and Paapa Essiedu (R) in Genie

Watch Christmas movies and more on Peacock! 

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