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The Life We Share

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Belén Rueda, Aida Folch, Carmen Ruiz

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At a pediatric hospital, kids fight to heal under the care of a cold but dutifully involved doctor while their caretakers live in the waiting room.
  • The Girl on the Bridge
    Episode 1 - 72 mins
    Elsa, a teenager who suffers from anorexia, calls her mother before trying to end her life.
  • Revive
    Episode 2 - 74 mins
    Luisa fears Andy won't be able to meet the biggest challenge: facing a world that went on.
  • Bad Mother
    Episode 3 - 78 mins
    Marian refuses to leave her daughter's health in Olivia's hand; Natalia is afraid of losing her son.
  • Empty Nest
    Episode 4 - 77 mins
    Tired of her sister's abuse, Alba goes to the hospital hoping Olivia will take her in.
  • Lower Defenses
    Episode 5 - 79 mins
    Carmen, a powerful executive, feels helpless when her teenage daughter is diagnosed with cancer.
  • Something to Celebrate
    Episode 6 - 77 mins
    Marian is worried about Elsa and Andy's first love, while Victor is trying to seduce her.
  • Nobody Is Perfect
    Episode 7 - 74 mins
    Duna accuses Andy of sexual assault, but Duna's long history of lies undermines her credibility.
  • My Mother's Mother
    Episode 8 - 74 mins
    Marian receives a visit from her estranged mother, Cata; Luisa breaks up with Antonio.
  • Forgiveness
    Episode 9 - 78 mins
    Eloy, a teenager who suffers from neurofibromatosis, is admitted to the hospital again.
  • Take Charge
    Episode 10 - 74 mins
    Olivia's sister, Juani, doesn't understand why her mother doesn't take charge of her own destiny.
  • Life to the Fullest
    Episode 11 - 78 mins
    Elsa feels reenergized; she receives a good proposal from the wrong person.
  • Empty Rooms
    Episode 12 - 75 mins
    Elsa, Andy, Duna, and Eloy finalize details for their trip; Olivia asks Simón to move in together.
  • Hangover
    Episode 13 - 77 mins
    After the car accident the night before, the parents wait anxiously for the ambulance.

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