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The Devil's Watch

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Beppe Fiorello, Claudia Pandolfi, Álvaro Cervantes

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After a marine vessels mechanic discovers that his client is using his boats for drug trafficking, he decides to work with the police, putting his life and family at risk.
  • First Meet

    Episode 1 - 51 mins
    Marco is a marine boat mechanic who discovers the business behind the boats he fixes.
  • No Exit

    Episode 2 - 56 mins
    Marco wants his life back but is asked by the police to help unveil the criminal organization.
  • Against the Ropes

    Episode 3 - 57 mins
    Aurelio gives Marco a risky mission, but first he asks him to modify a boat in front of him.
  • Pitfalls of Fate

    Episode 4 - 58 mins
    Marco is arrested in France along with Pablo, Aurelio's partner and right-hand man.
  • Indelible Footprints

    Episode 5 - 56 mins
    Marco's family doesn't forgive him for all of their suffering; Aurelio refuses to leave him alone.
  • Don't Give Up

    Episode 6 - 63 mins
    Alessia vents to Marco and wishes for a life together; he tells her the whole truth.
  • Plans Adrift

    Episode 7 - 57 mins
    Marco believes that he's a free man, but he's informed that they were unable to capture Aurelio.
  • Give It Time

    Episode 8 - 59 mins
    Marco leaves witness protection and returns to his family in order to regain what he had once lost.

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