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Exploring cases of innocent people murdered in their own homes by someone they thought they could trust and, in some instances, had known for many years.
  • The Monster Among Us
    Episode 1 - 46 mins
    At age 17, Thomas Griffiths kills his ex-girlfriend and tries to disguise his deed as her suicide.
  • Burned Alive
    Episode 2 - 46 mins
    Mundill Mahil lures a young TV executive to his death in an act of revenge after an attempted rape.
  • Death in the Village
    Episode 3 - 45 mins
    58-year-old David Methven finds his mother covered in blood with horrific head injuries.
  • A Date With Death
    Episode 4 - 46 mins
    Susan Annis is a dedicated nurse, but tragedy strikes when she falls into a coma in her room.
  • The Mystery of Missing Margaret Fleming
    Episode 5 - 46 mins
    A teenager vanishes while in the care of her father's family friends following his death.
  • Murdered in Bed
    Episode 6 - 46 mins
    Audrey and Eric Hingston enjoy their happy marriage until Eric is brutally stabbed to death.
  • The Reclusive Millionaire
    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    An actress investigates the murder of a reclusive 58-year-old property millionaire.
  • Love and Hate
    Episode 8 - 45 mins
    Linah Keza's ex-partner kills her three days before her 30th birthday.

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