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Week 3 Love Island USA Season 6 Recap: Episodes 15–20

Casa Amor is here! Will the Islanders resist temptation?

By Olivia Favaro
Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 15

Texts, bombshells, and fanny flutters — oh my!  

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for in this latest season of Love Island USA. It’s Casa Amor, and it couldn’t have landed at a juicer time. Just as the Islanders were getting all heart-eyed, cue Casa Amor crashing in with a whirlwind of temptation and drama! Here's the lowdown on how this wicked week of reality TV madness kicked off.  

[Warning: Spoilers ahead!] 🌴💕 

Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 15

Heads turn for Cassidy, Kenny, and Nigel  

The aftermath of last week’s Stick or Twist game left half of the Islanders feeling blindsided while the other half welcomed three stunning new Bombshells with an evening of drinks and cheeky chats. 

The new Bombshells are: 

  • Kenny, 24, Dallas, Texas 

  • Nigel, 28, Houston, Texas 

  • Cassidy, 27, Miami, FL 

Unresolved tension under the Fijian sun 

Tensions soared to new heights as Rob confronted Leah, accusing her of leading the vote that led to Andrea's departure from the Villa. Leah, stunned, called on Liv to support, but Liv added fuel to the flames when she confirmed Rob's suspicions instead. This sparked a heated exchange between Liv and Leah, with emotions running high. Ultimately, Rob walked away, ending things definitively with Leah, who was left reeling with unresolved feelings. 

Connor and Leah shared a quick chat on the dock where Leah used the good ol’ reliable line, “It’s not you; it’s me!” to let Connor know he wasn't the guy for her. Though Connor felt like he wasted his time, he accepted Leah’s sincere apology before they parted ways. Connor then took the opportunity to get to know Cassidy, and Miguel began to explore Leah as an option.  

Girls' choice: time to recouple! 

Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 16

It was time for the girls to choose which boy they wanted to snuggle up with at the recoupling ceremony. Leah chose to move onto Miguel, while Cassidy decided to give it a go with Rob. That meant the couples were:  

  • Aaron and Kaylor 

  • Nicole and Kendall  

  • Leah and Miguel  

  • Serena and Kordell  

  • Cassidy and Rob  

  • JaNa and Kenny 

  • Liv and Nigel 

...sadly, leaving Connor eliminated from Love Island.  

A new day in paradise 

Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 16

The Islanders settled in for a new day without Connor in the Villa. Miguel and Leah didn’t mind his absence as they were already comfortably intertwined in Soul Ties, but other new couples, like Liv and Nigel and Rob and Cassidy, were left grasping for non-awkward silences.  

Meanwhile, Aaron struggled to tell Kaylor that he “possibly may be falling in love” with her without going near the words “love” or “boyfriend,” but Kaylor helped him spit it out. She told him she could see herself feeling the same way in the very near future, but unfortunately, no one’s future is certain in the Villa... 

Another shocking vote from the fans  

Love Island USA fans were given the chance to vote for their favorite couples and, like the last fan vote, the two couples who received the least number of votes were left vulnerable:  

The safe couples were: 

  • Miguel and Leah  

  • Kaylor and Aaron  

  • Serena and Kordell  

  • Kenny and JaNa 

  • Nicole and Kendall  

The two couples at risk were:  

  • Rob and Cassidy  

  • Liv and Nigel 

Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 18

The Islanders were asked to vote for which Islanders they would like to keep, with Nigel and Cassidy receiving the smallest number of votes.  

Eliminated from the Villa:  

  • Nigel  

  • Cassidy  

...Leaving Liv and Rob single.  

But just when you think things couldn’t get any wilder... 

Casa Amor is here! 

Love is in the air, wounds are healing, and relationships are blossoming — I got a text!!! Uh-oh... 

Faster than you can spell "love,” the boys scrambled to head to Casa Amor for the next few days to meet the new Bombshells. This all happened unbeknownst to the girls, who were upstairs doing their makeup and waiting for Ariana Madix to arrive. When they learned that it was time for Casa Amor, Kaylor was immediately beside herself with tears. 

12 new Bombshells — what could possibly go wrong?  

Learn more about the new Bombshells here!

The six new girls: 

  • Sierra 

  • Destiny 

  • Daia 

  • Catherine 

  • Daniela 

  • Sydney 

Six new Bombshells on Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 19

The boys took a quick liking to the new Bombshells. Rob immediately showed interest in Destiny but warned her that he may be bad luck. Miguel made moves to pull Sierra for a chat, and Kordell did the same with Daia. Aaron and Daniela had an instant connection, and he went as far as joking that he “already loves her.”  

But back at the main villa, the girls welcomed six new men! 

The six new boys 

  • Jalen 

  • Jacobi 

  • Caine 

  • George

  • Ignacio

  • Josiah

Six new Bombshells on Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 19

Though she’s been in a strong couple with Aaron all summer, Kaylor was the first to hit it off with a Bombshell — George from Athens (Greece, not Georgia). Leah gravitated towards Ignacio because of his inviting accent and baby blue eyes, while Caine set his eyes on Nicole because she looked just like his ex-girlfriend. How... sweet?  

JaNa was still thinking about Kenny but wasn’t closed off to getting to know Jacobi. Serena on the other hand, found herself missing Kordell. 

Beds, boops, and bawling 

Aaron faced temptation when Daniela asked him if he was open to sharing a bed with her. Though he still felt loyalty to Kaylor, he ultimately decided to spend the night with Daniela. Meanwhile, Leah and Ignacio continued to hit it off, but he pleaded that she absolutely never boop him on the nose, which left them both in a fit of giggles.  

Love Island USA Season 6 Episode 20

After kissing Jalen in a steamy kissing challenge, Kaylor felt guilty, feeling like she was betraying Aaron, who she assumed was on his best behavior at Casa Amor. She decided to sleep alone in Soul Ties for the night, and Serena chose to join her because she was missing Kordell.  

But while their ladies remained loyal, Aaron and Kordell sailed ahead to test the waters with new Bombshells Daniela and Daia. Aaron felt bad, saying that he loved Kaylor as a person, but he just didn’t know if he could go back to the way things were before Casa Amor. Kordell felt less guilt and enjoyed make-out sessions with Daia, letting the other guys know “it just happened.”  

Raunchy races: Casa vs. Villa  

It was time for a challenge between Casa Amor and the Villa — the most intense make-out Olympics known to man — with Casa coming out on top. 

Outside of the challenge, Aaron and Daniela continued to grow closer, while Kaylor grappled with the possibility that Aaron may not come back to the Villa single.  

Though we’re just two days into Casa Amor, the strongest couple in the Villa this season (Aaron and Kaylor) may never look the same…  

Week 3: Who’s together, who’s single, and who went home?  

It was a pivotal week in Fiji, and while these couples still technically remain,  

  • Miguel and Leah  

  • Kaylor and Aaron  

  • Serena and Kordell  

  • Kenny and JaNa 

  • Nicole and Kendall 

with the single islanders being,  

  • Liv 

  • Rob 

  • and the 12 new Bombshells 

the addition of the Bombshells has strained even the strongest of relationships. Can any of them survive the temptations of Casa Amor?  

Love Island Season 6 Episode 20

Who will couple up and who will get sent home? Find out an all-new episode of Love Island USA July 4 at 9p ET!   

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