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9 Unforgettable SNL Holiday Sketches to Stream on Peacock

Get into the holiday season with these festive and hilarious SNL sketches.

By Henry Block

This time of year can often be stressful, which is why we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite SNL sketches to bring some laughter to the holiday season. From Steve Martin sharing an inspiring holiday wish to an all-too-relatable ad for Christmas mass, check out these holiday-themed sketches from SNL.  

1. Christmas Morning 

It’s Christmas morning, and it’s time for a family to open their presents. In a music video, they show off their many, many gifts, like roller blades, a vintage pinball machine, and a brand-new laptop. Meanwhile, the mom (Kristen Wiig) feigns excitement over her singular gift: a robe that was on sale.  

Stream “Christmas Morning” in Season 46 Episode 9. 

2. Adam Sandler on Hanukkah 

Put on your yarmulke; it’s time to celebrate Hannukah! After noticing that there are way more Christmas songs than Hannukah songs, Adam Sandler decides to even things out with his own instant classic to celebrate the holiday. (But mostly to list celebities who you might not know are Jewish.) 

Stream “Adam Sandler on Hanukkah” in Season 20 Episode 7. 

3. Twin Bed 

When SNL’s ultimate girl group (including Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Aidy Bryant as Lil’ Baby Aidy) return home for the holidays, they find the accommodations for their boyfriends are, well, maybe not exactly ideal.  

Stream “Twin Bed” in SNL Season 39 Episode 10. 

4. St. Joseph's Christmas Mass Spectacular 

This year, Christmas mass is getting extreme (and extremely relatable). Some highlights at St. Joseph’s include Devin (Pete Davidson) the newly atheist teen who’s making a point of not saying the prayers, and the back-to-back liturgical readers: a 12-year-old boy (Kyle Mooney) who doesn’t want to be doing this, and a 44-year-old woman (Cecily Strong) who really does.  

Stream “St. Joseph's Christmas Mass Spectacular” in SNL Season 40 Episode 9. 

5. NPR's Delicious Dish 

On the Christmas episode of their mellow NPR show, “Delicious Dish,” hosts Jo (Anna Gasteyer) and Terry (Molly Shannon) welcome baker Pete Schweddy (Alec Baldwin) to discuss his famous holiday dessert: Schweddy Balls. Maybe stick with baking cookies for your Christmas party this year.  

Stream “NPR’s Delicious Dish” in SNL Season 24 Episode 9. 

6. Santa’s My Boyfriend 

As SNL icons Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and Maya Rudolph decorate a Christmas tree, they realize they all share someone in common. Breaking into song, they celebrate their new boyfriend who knows when they’re sleeping and if they’ve been bad or good. Ain’t he the greatest? 

Stream “Santa’s My Boyfriend” in Season 32 Episode 9.  

7. Drunk Uncle on the Holidays 

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, and gracing Weekend Update to offer his advice is Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan). Though, as usual, he’s been a bit overserved and has trouble staying on topic and staying coherent. The holidays aren’t like they used to be, he complains, now it’s just, “Can you email me dinner?” 

Stream “Drunk Uncle on the Holidays” in Season 37 Episode 10. 

8. Jennifer Coolidge is Impressed by Christmas Stuff 

Chloe Fineman showed off her pitch-perfect impression of Jennifer Coolidge in last year’s Christmas episode in this simple but hilarious sketch. From stockings to “Jingle Bells” to eggnog, Jennifer Coolidge browses Christmas things and is delighted by all of them.  

Stream “Jennifer Coolidge is Impressed by Christmas Stuff” in Season 48 Episode 9.  

9. Steve Martin's Holiday Wish

In this true classic from 1986, Steve Martin shares his holiday wish: for all of the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. Well, that and 30 million dollars a month, revenge on his enemies, and all-encompassing power over the entire universe. But the thing with kids is nice too.  

Stream “Steve Martin’s Holiday Wish” in Season 12 Episode 6. 

Stream every episode of SNL on Peacock!  

When is the SNL Christmas Special This Year?

And for a two-hour-long compilation of some of the best SNL holiday sketches, watch the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special on NBC on Dec 14 and Dec 23 at 8/7c and the next day on Peacock. 

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