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Peacock Blog The Traitors

The Traitors Season 2: Weekly Recap

Last year’s hit reality TV series is back with a blood-thirsty second season.

By Will Oser

If we were tasked with presenting one artifact that accurately represented 2024, it would probably be Season 2 of Peacock's The Traitors.

Find out why the newest season of the Original murder mystery competition is the moment with this recap of the first three episodes (and more to come!) Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1: "Betrayers, Fakes and Fraudsters"

Alan Cumming The Traitors Season 1

Big Brother alum Dan Gheesling and Married to Medicine star Phaedra Parks are quickly tapped as the first two traitors. After the blind selection, premature accusations are thrown out left and right of who could be a possible traitor. Janelle calls out John for his staggered breathing while Larsa bluntly shares her "gift" of hearing and declares that Alan’s “jacket vibrations” led her to believe that someone to her left must be a traitor. By nightfall, a new twist will be revealed: Dan and Phaedra will be joined by a new traitor of their choosing.   

During their first chaotic mission, faithfuls and traitors alike must piece together floating puzzle pieces before setting them aflame. The final product of this puzzle? A shield, which nods to another twist in the game this year: Contestants will have the chance to secure shields during each mission to save themselves from midnight murders. The group succeeds in their mission, but at what cost? Petty fights break out for leadership, Janelle and Deontay derail the mission by grabbing the available shields, and almost everyone attempting to row are in a struggle (row)boat. 

Back at the castle and during the dead of night, Dan and Phaedra are elated when their traitor identities are revealed to each other. That excitement comes to a quick halt when they realize they must not only choose someone to murder, but also choose who their new fellow traitor will be.  

Episode 2: "Welcome to the Dark Side"

Pictured L R John Bercow Trishelle Cannatella Tamra Judge Sheree Whitfield Phaedra Parks Carsten Bergie Bergersen

There is a new a traitor among us! After long deliberation between Dan and Phaedra, a third traitor is chosen. Survivor alum Parvati gleefully accepts her induction into the traitors roundtable. The next morning, tensions rise between Trishelle and Peppermint at breakfast — all while the faithfuls come to terms with a shocking revelation: Johnny Bananas is the first murder in the game.

During the second mission, faithfuls and traitors are divided into groups to follow along a trail where they are asked hard-hitting questions about the cast. These questions reveal some useful information: Marcus’s opinions are valued the most, Peppermint appears to be the most popular player, and Dan is thought of as a cast member that needs to speak up more. 

Back at the castle, rumblings of Peppermint being a traitor begin to spread like wildfire. Maks tries to argue that Trishelle shared a “non-story” about Peppermint to make her look guilty. But before the group can come to a vote, it’s Tamra who brings attention to another name: John, the ex-Parliament member. Tamra goes against John’s claim of being asthmatic and chalks it up to being a liar. Unfortunately, in the end, it’s Peppermint that catches everyone’s attention — especially after it’s revealed that she previously misspoke and called herself a traitor. She is the first cast member banished and, more importantly, the second faithful to be eliminated.    

Episode 3: "Murder in Plain Sight"

Dan Gheesling Sandra Diaz Twine Kevin Kreider

When it’s time for everyone to go to bed, Parvati finally gets to meet her fellow traitors. She is blown away by the surprise of Dan and Phaedra and exclaims that they are “killing it” at the game. Next order of business: who to murder? After tossing around Deontay and Janelle as options, they decide who to murder and call it a night. 

During breakfast, the faithfuls learn that it was Marcus who the traitors decided to kill. In what will likely be considered a historic reality TV scene, fellow Housewives Tamra and Phaedra comfort Marcus’ girlfriend Larsa in a three-person hug. 

While a majority of the third mission is a catastrophe for the team, it’s Bergie, aka “Bergielicious” (a name hilariously coined by Phaedra), who shines. The group is tasked with gravedigging for gold and shields, but they must do it while avoiding massive spotlights. It takes a minute for everyone to listen to Bergie, but he brings the team to victory with his understanding of the pattern of the spotlights. 

Back at the castle, names are thrown around again for the chopping block. This time it’s Dan and Maks. At the roundtable, Dan seemingly defends himself successfully, but it’s Maks who does a an awkward job of building his own defense. Maks is the second banishment and third faithful to be eliminated. 

Before they are sent to bed, the traitors are informed that their next murder will be different: they must murder in plain sight with a ‘poisoned’ chalice. Parvati happily takes the lead on who they serve the drink. She and Dan toss around MJ, John, and Shereé as contenders, but decide it will have to be an in-the-moment decision. 

Episode 4: "The Funeral"

Trishelle Cannatella, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kevin Kreider, Parvati Shallow, Larsa Pippen, Shereé Whitfield, Dan Gheesling, Phaedra Parks, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Chris 'C.T.' The Funeral" Episode 204 -- Pictured: (l-r) Trishelle Cannatella, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kevin Kreider, Parvati Shallow, Larsa Pippen, Shereé Whitfield, Dan Gheesling, Phaedra Parks, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, and Chris 'C.T." Tamburello (L-R).

We meet our beloved traitors and faithfuls right where we left off. Parvati is panicking about the chalice; Dan is of no help with the chalice, and Phaedra is fearlessly protecting Shereé from the chalice! Parvati must pivot and use her Black Widow powers on an unplanned faithful.  She zeroes in on her new mark, Love Island’s Ekin-Su. 

What makes this kill so devastating is that not only is Ekin-Su a fabulous antagonist for Janelle, but moments before she drinks the chalice, she is declaring her love and admiration for Parvati, unsuspecting of what’s about to happen.   

If there is one thing that we can consistently expect about this season of The Traitors, it is that there will always be twists! We GASPED as much as the traitors did when Ekin-Su strutted through the door for breakfast the next morning. Before we could even hypothesize why? Alan Cumming saunters in to explain their next mission.   

They must take part in a funeral procession for one of their cast members who is experiencing a “slow death.” But before they lay a faithful to eternal slumber, with the help of clues, the players must identify the poisoned player along the procession to earn any additional gold for the pot.   

To everyone’s surprise, it’s Ekin-Su marked by the Angel of Death. This chaotic decision by Parvati sent the faithfuls into a tailspin — why murder someone who’s most likely primed for banishment next? 

Back at the castle, the idea of Larsa and other Housewives committing treason together is all anyone can chat about.  At the roundtable it’s Janelle who calls out Larsa for her behavior for when Marcus was murdered. Others chime in, while Parvati makes a point to come for the Housewives and claims they “get the scripts” and act out in their respective shows.   

One line that will forever be ingrained in our minds is “Don’t come for the Housewives.” While Phaedra’s delivery of this line makes an impression, it does not save Larsa from being the next banished faithful.   

Once the clock strikes midnight and the traitors meet up for their usual debrief, Phaedra sets the record straight with Parvati. In Housewives fashion, she warns Parvati: “You’re going to play fair.  And if you don’t, you’re going to have more problems than a faithful.”  


Episode 4 TL;DR

All three traitors (Dan, Phaedra, and Parvati) still remain at large, and with the murders three faithfuls (Johnny, Marcus, and Ekin-Su), the banishment of three more (Peppermint, Maks, and, Larsa), and the departure of Deontay, that leaves only 12 faithfuls left to uncover their identities and secure up to $250,000.

Episode 5: "A Killer Move"

The Traitors Season 2 Parvati Shallow

Episode 5 Murder: Who loses their house-LIFE? 

We’re back in the Traitor Tower like we never left. Parvati apologizes to Phaedra for coming after her and the Housewives — so much so that she offers the next faithful murder to Phaedra on a silver platter.   

Phaedra tosses out Sandra and Tamra as potential victims. While Tamra is a fellow Housewife/friend, Phaedra has no problem singling her out. The very next morning Tamra does not show up to breakfast. 

In her final confessional, Tamra departs and hopes that whoever murdered her was not a fellow Housewife. Um... 

During breakfast, Alan saunters in once again.  He pokes at Tamra being a “Housewife who lost her Houselife” before devilishly teasing a surprise that is on its way. But before he can speak to it anymore, he implores the group to ready themselves for their next mission. 

Episode 5 Mission: Who gets the shield? 

When everyone reconvenes outside to learn of the new mission, Alan shares that the group will be split in two — one outside team and one inside team. The outside team players are the only ones who will be able to secure a shield if they feel inclined to while the inside team has no opportunity get one.  

This mission is all about communication. The outside team must go on bird-watching missions and listen to bird calls. From there, the outside team players will imitate the bird calls via walkie-talkies to the inside team. The inside team will then have to match those bird calls with bird statues within the castle.   

This is probably one of their most successful missions to date. While they don’t get all the prize money in this round, they work better together as team.   

During the mission, Bergie and Trishelle are the two lucky players to secure shields. In a surprise move, Peter suggests to them and the rest of the outside team not to reveal who got a shield. He believes if they keep this quiet, the traitors will be left in the dark and accidentally murder a shielded player.  

Episode 5 Banishment: "Who do we hate?"

Back at the castle, the rumor mill begins again. Who could be a traitor? Both Dan and Janelle’s names are dragged through the castle — the faithfuls are certain that it must be one of them. During the various gossip sessions, Peter goes around planting fake rumors of who secured shields. Peter does this not only to cause more chaos, but to also help the faithfuls (finally) sniff out a traitor.    

When the players meet at the roundtable, Alan pops in to remind everyone of his surprise announcement earlier. With this, he drops an empty chair at the table and ushers in Season 1 veteran Kate Chastain. 

“Alright, fill me in. Who do we hate?” Kate asks as she sits down at the roundtable. With that, the accusations begin. Kevin calls out Janelle for always (wrongfully) accusing faithfuls as traitors and getting them banished. Janelle then quickly targets Dan for being too quiet and never accusing anyone. After heated exchanges between Sandra and Janelle, and Kevin and Kate, it’s Janelle who ultimately is banished.  It’s another gutting loss for the faithfuls.   

In Traitor Tower, Phaedra and Parvati start advising a nervous Dan on what he should do next to avoid banishment. While Parvati warns her fellow traitors to be wary of Peter’s tactics (“He’s lying!”), Dan is trusting of Peter and decides they must kill off Bergilicious.  He knows that Bergie has it out for him and won’t let it go. But much to Dan’s chagrin, he doesn’t know Bergie has a shield and will be safe!  

For the first time all season, we finally see the traitors in peril. This could be the match in the powder barrel that ruins it all.  

Episode 5 TL;DR 

The traitors trade one fiery Bravo blonde for another with the murder of Tamra Judge and the surprise welcome of Kate Chastain to the cast. They also continue their losing streak of unmasking traitors with the banishment of Big Brother’s Janelle.   

Episode 6: "Backstab and Betrayal"

Episode 6 Murder: Another day, another murder? Not quite.

To everyone’s surprise, except for Peter probably, Bergie is not viciously murdered during the night. When he walks into breakfast as the last person, he victoriously reveals he had a shield all along. Dan is dumbfounded and Parvati is now stressed because they know that Peter has set them up with his little shield rumor. Phaedra, however, is unbothered as she’s more concerned with how tender the breakfast meat is.

Episode 6 Mission: Catapulted to Success

“I’m just here to say cryptic things and look absolutely spectacular,” says Alan Cumming before he explains their next mission: the players must fire a cannon from a catapult. Sounds easy enough! In typical Traitors fashion, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Not only do they have to make a trek to the launch site, but they must collect catapult parts and ammunition along the way AND then build the catapult. There is a chance to win a shield, but the faithfuls must battle for it at the end of their mission.

This mission is their arguable their most physically demanding yet, but the players prove successful. With seconds left, the players rally behind John Bercow to launch the catapult. Similar to how Bergie had a celebratory solo moment in the Spotlight Mission, John receives the same love and respect from the group. With Peter desperate to get shield, it’s Shereé who ultimately wins the battle — something that Peter does not realize won’t matter to him later…

Episode 6 Roundtable: Dan Goes All-In

Back at the castle, it is Peter who emerges as the unofficial leader of the faithfuls. The others trust his strategy and determination in targeting Dan and Parvati. While both Dan and Parvati attempt to campaign for their innocence, Dan alludes to turning on one of his fellow traitors during the roundtable discussion.

Dan is the first to speak up and shares that he will unveil a traitor through his silent observations. In a shocking turn of events, Dan calls out Phaedra due to her being one of the few to never be suspected of treason. Phaedra immediately shreds his evidence to pieces while Kate joins in unison to say that Dan is making up this elaborate plan to deflect. When the conversation refocuses on Dan, John chimes in and calls Dan the “silent slaughterer.” Mic drop, John!

Everyone votes for Dan as a traitor and thus he is banished. For the first time ever, the faithfuls are triumphant. With one traitor down, Phaedra and Parvati have a lot to discuss in their tower. Before they can plan a murder, Alan interrupts with yet another twist. With their numbers dwindling, they can choose to recruit a traitor from the remaining pool of faithfuls, but if they do? Then they cannot commit a murder. The player can either accept or reject this invitation.

With Parvati having more of a target on her back, Phaedra allows her to decide what they will do. To deceive the other faithfuls, Parvati chooses to seduce the ever-so-loyal leader of the faithfuls: Bachelor Pete.

Peter, will you accept this traitorous rose?

Episode 6 TL;DR

“Predators are their most dangerous when vulnerable,” Alan warns the cast after they banish their first traitor, Dan Gheesling. The celebrations do not stop here for the faithfuls. With Bergie’s shield protecting him from murder and Peter’s invitation to the Traitor Tower pending, the faithfuls make it through not one, but two nights without murder.

Episode 7: "Blood on Their Hands"

Episode 7 Murder: To Be or Not to Be...a Traitor

Due to the traitors’ decision to recruit, the faithfuls will once again be delighted with the surprise of no midnight murder. But will they lose a fellow member to the traitors? Not Peter — that’s for sure. He refuses the traitors’ seduction because he wants to be “a part of winning the right way with his loyal faithfuls.  

The next morning when everyone reconvenes for breakfast, they all realize no one has been murdered and suspect someone has been recruited. To Parvati and Phaedra’s surprise, Peter doesn’t come clean to the group about his invitation. With her intentionally predator-themed cheetah headband on, Parvati waits for Peter to divulge this invitation to the group. She believes she can use this against him in the future.   

Before the players head out for mission instructions, Peter grabs his select “Peter Pals” and shares news of his traitorous invitation. The “Leftovers,” as Sandra calls herself and the rest of the people not in Peter’s crew, can’t help but feel excluded.  

While Peter’s goal is to strategize for the faithfuls to win, he ultimately might do more harm than good with this exclusion. As a result, Parvati and Phaedra manipulate the Leftovers’ feelings of exclusion and campaign against Peter as a possible traitor 

Episode 7 Mission: If a Reality Star Falls in the Woods, Do They Make a Sound  

Into the woods, we go! The players are tasked with carrying varied amounts of gold pouches from one side of the woods to the other, pairing up in couples to avoid various traps and pitfalls along the way.   

During their trek, they are asked a series of questions related to their castle and the game itself. If they answer correctly, they are rewarded with moving on the right path. If wrong?  They will unknowingly follow a path filled with booby traps!

 While we can all agree that we ship most of these pairs, especially the blooming shomance of Phaedra and CT, mostly everyone falls prey to the traps.   

In the end, it’s John and Parvati and Sandra and Kevin who prevail in the mission, bringing home $8,000 worth of gold. Because of Sandra and Kevin’s timely finish, they are ultimately provided with shields!  

Episode 7 Roundtable: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?   

Back at the mansion, some of the Leftovers come together and decide they are going to vote for Peter’s banishment while Peter’s Pals zone in on Parvati. As Peter learns of his banishment heat, he pulls Parvati and Phaedra aside in attempt to convince them to work with him.   

Before the two can even decide, Alan calls the players into the main hallHe devilishly shares yet again another twist! They are headed back to the woods AND there will be no roundtable OR banishment   

Rest assured; Alan confirms the traitors will murder once again later tonight. The players gather around torches and, one by one, must light the torch of the player they want to shield from a midnight murder. Since not everyone can be saved, players must plead their case on why they should be protected.   

This new version of the roundtable rings eerily similar to some of us who were always picked last in middle school gym class. Ultimately, it is Parvati, Trishelle, MJ, Bergie and Kate who remain unprotected from the impending traitor murder.  

The cast feels more divided now than ever. With the already growing division of Peter’s Pals from the rest of the group — along with unexpected choices at the torch-lighting — people feel betrayed.   

With the new feeling of mistrust circulating the castle, Parvati and Phaedra feel suspicious of one another. Regardless, they must murder once moreWho will they choose — Bergie, Trishelle, M.J. or Kate? While they lean towards Trishelle, nothing is ever as it seems in the traitor tower

Episode 7 TL; DR

No murder, no new traitor and no banishment calls for another faithful celebration, right? Not when alliances, exclusion, and betrayals are afootJust when the faithfuls have a clear chance of winning this game, chaos ensues. Will it be enough for the traitors to get back on their winning track?

Episode 8: "Knives at Dawn"

Episode 8 Murder: The Ever-Decreasing Circle of Friends

Bergalicios, definition make those traitors go loco.  It’s a sad day for Bergie fans as it’s revealed at breakfast that he has been murdered in the middle of the night. Hopefully his teddy bear was spared. 

On his way out, sweet Bergalicious shares a very heartfelt goodbye, saying that he has learned a lot about himself and is better at dealing with confrontation. Good for him!

During breakfast, Trishelle can’t help but fixate on Phaedra, continuing to hypothesize that she must be a traitor. Trishelle is convinced that Dan exposed Phaedra right before he was banished — well, that and how she is more occupied by the food in the morning over who was murdered the prior night. 

Alan then interruptus breakfast as usual. While sad that Bergie is gone, he gleefully throws Bergie’s portrait to the ground, declaring, “Let bygones be bygones… Bye! Gone!” For the next mission, the players will be taking a “holiday” at a cabin in the woods.  There they will be greeted by a guest who will help them settle in! Another new cast member?

Episode 8 Mission: Maggots and Rodents and Mud, Oh My!

Before the players break for their mission, Trishelle makes a point to huddle with Peter and Kevin in the armory. There, she explains her theory of Phaedra being a traitor. Trishelle hopes to switch the traitor hunt from Parvati to Phaedra. Since they already feel confident that Parvati is a traitor, they want to concoct a plan for Parvati to turn on Phaedra and get her out first. Trishelle and Peter both agree that Parvati will do anything to survive in this game and decide to exploit it.

After Peter manipulates Parvati into somewhat trusting him, the mission bell rings. The players are whisked away to Alan’s cabin in the woods where they are greeted by a new, but familiar face. It’s Sandra who confirms the identity of this mystery man. It’s Dr. Will, who some players consider the “most devious” Big Brother player in all of history. 

Dr. Will welcomes the players into a cabin, which is giving horror movie vibes, and quickly locks them inside. He explains they have 30 minutes to collect up to $20,000 in gold. For every person who doesn’t escape — either because they don’t make it out in time or chose to leave early, using the safe word “haggis” — $1,000 will be deducted from their winnings.

While locked in, they realize the only way out is through the tunnels underneath the cabin. Easy enough, right? That is never the case in any Traitors mission. The electricity only works in the tunnels when it’s off in the house and vice versa. While in both the tunnels and the cabin, bugs, rodents, and a mysterious liquid are dropped or sprayed on the players. 

After what feels like an eternity, some team members are victorious. They collect $15,000 in gold, but lose $4,000 of it due to MJ, Sheree, Kate and Phaedra choosing to leave early. Trishelle also secretly wins herself a shield. 

Episode 8 Round Table: The Mistress of Murder and Duchess of Deception

Back at the mansion, it’s Parvati and Phaedra that are tossed around as traitor suspects.  Peter assures Parvati they have the votes to banish Phaedra. Parvati also makes a quick pit stop to try and win over John with her tears.

At the round table, it’s Parvati who speaks up first to try and declare her innocence, but noticeably does not bring up any players’ name for traitor trial. Trishelle brings up her suspicions of Phaedra. She leans in on how Dan attempted to throw Phaedra under the bus during his banishment and Kevin says he detects an eye twitch when Phaedra is speaking. When John finally speaks up, he zeros in on Parvati instead, calling her a “Duchess of Deception” and “Mistress of Murder.” First it is Dan as the “Silent Slaughterer” and now these nicknames? John is an alliterative wordsmith!

While people start to turn on Phaedra, it is Parvati who is ultimately banished. But we won’t say well done to the faithfuls just yet. After banishment, Kevin and MJ meet to discuss how they don’t feel like they can trust Peter anymore and believe he is a traitor!

As the lone traitor, Phaedra heads to the Traitor Tower and is met by Alan. He informs Phaedra that she has the opportunity to seduce another traitor, but this time, it is an ultimatum for the faithful: Join or die! To our delight, she immediately selects Kate and believe the two of them will be a “murderous duo.”

In typical traitors fashion, we are left on a cliffhanger – will Kate choose to accept her fate as a traitor or die for the faithful cause?

Status of the cast after Episode 8

Banished and Murdered: 

Johnny Bananas – Murdered (episode 2) 

Peppermint – Banished (episode 2) 

Marcus Jordan – Murdered (episode 3) 

Maks Chmerkovskiy – Banished (episode 3) 

Deontay Walker – Exited (episode 4) 

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – Murdered (episode 4) 

Larsa Pippen – Banished (episode 4) 

Tamra Judge – Murdered (episode 5) 

Janelle Pierzina – Banished (episode 5) 

Dan Gheesling – Banished (episode 6)

Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen – Murdered (episode 8)

Parvati Shallow – Banished (episode 8)

Remaining Faithfuls: 

John Bercow 

Trishelle Cannatella 

Kate Chastain  

Sandra Diaz-Twine 

MJ Javid 

Kevin Kreider 

CT Tamburello  

Peter Weber 

Shereé Whitfield 

Remaining Traitors: 

Phaedra Parks 

Episode 8 TL;DR

Blood finally spills again in this latest episode. The fan-favorite Bergalicious was murdered, while Parvati was the second traitor banished. As a lone traitor, Phaedra’s road ahead does not look easy, but she confidently recruits Kate to join in on her devious activities. Will Kate accept?

Episode 9: A Game of Death

Episode 9 Murder: The Machiavellian Mob  

Kate secures herself another night in the castle by agreeing to Phaedra’s ultimatum of becoming a Traitor versus dying a Faithful. To our surprise, Kate seems unemphatic when accepting her new role. Maybe she was just more interested in leaving the castle’s dungeon than becoming a Traitor – we can’t blame her! Phaedra hurries them along back to the Traitor Tower as they still must decide which of the remaining Faithfuls to murder. 

It comes down to Kevin or Trishelle. Unbeknownst to the Traitors, Trishelle secretly has a shield! Then next morning, we finally find out that Kate and Phaedra wisely chose to murder Kevin. They successfully avoided attempting to murder a second shielded person.   

During breakfast, MJ is quick to say “something’s amiss” with Kate, who internally spirals over this. In Kate’s confessional, she satirically second guesses everything she did that morning: Did she say “pass the eggs” as a Traitor? Would she eat the salmon if she were still a Faithful? She. Doesn’t. Know!  

Before they are whisked away to their next mission at an abandoned church, the players disperse to do their usual morning campaigning. Phaedra makes headway in stirring up doubt about Peter’s identity, while morale is low for the remaining lot of Peter’s Pals.  


Episode 9 Mission: Hymn Me with Your Best Shot  

The players are creepily welcomed by masked figurines in an old, seemingly abandoned church. For this mission, the players must use a crossbow to shoot through stained glass windows that each have their names written on them. They will shoot through all of them until one remains to complete the mission.  The last name standing will receive a shield.  They start with $25K, but every time they miss a name, they will lose $250. 

They are off to a bleak start in this mission. They miss a lot of their initial shots and oddly, most of them try to shoot John’s name down. It is not until they start strategizing to move the crossbow side to side versus up and down that they see results. 

With a winning strategy intact, Phaedra suspiciously aborts this method and, at Sandra’s suggestion, attempts to shoot Trishelle’s name out. While we are all here for Phaedra getting back at Trishelle for previous round-table accusations, this move seems to cause suspicion for some of the Faithfuls that originally supported Phaedra.   

It’s CT in the end who wins the shield, but at what cost? They lost almost $10K and end the mission with only $15,250.   

Back at the mansion, Peter is confident he will be put up for banishment and scurries along with his trusty followers to divide and conquer the remaining Leftovers. Maybe he still has a fighting chance at staying alive in this game.   

Episode 9 Round Table: It’s Anyone’s Game 

“Where truths are uncovered and lies are covered up” says Alan as he welcomes the group to the ever-so-familiar round table.   

John starts off the discussion and immediately claims Phaedra is a Traitor based on the sole reason that previous Traitors named her as one. Phaedra rebukes such an accusation with the claim that Peter has colluded with said Traitors and has done so behind closed doors. 

Peter tries to push back on Phaedra, but she delivers a nearly fatal blow to Pilot Pete: “You may have forgotten, but this is not the Bachelor and I don’t have to kiss your ass for a rose.” 

It’s clear that Phaedra and CT’s shomance has come to a halt when CT speaks up about his suspicion of Phaedra. He shares how it did not sit right with him when Phaedra decided to divert the mission strategy and shoot out Trishelle’s name.   

Voting swiftly begins after this and the votes are tied with only one player remaining that can break it: MJ. Yet again, another cliffhanger! Who will MJ choose? Her Bravo Bestie or Pilot Pete? All will be revealed next week!   

Status of the cast after Episode 9 

Banished and Murdered:  

Johnny Bananas – Murdered (episode 2)  

Peppermint – Banished (episode 2)  

Marcus Jordan – Murdered (episode 3)  

Maks Chmerkovskiy – Banished (episode 3)  

Deontay Walker – Exited (episode 4)  

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – Murdered (episode 4)  

Larsa Pippen – Banished (episode 4)  

Tamra Judge – Murdered (episode 5)  

Janelle Pierzina – Banished (episode 5)  

Dan Gheesling – Banished (episode 6) 

Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen – Murdered (episode 8) 

Parvati Shallow – Banished (episode 8) 

Kevin Kreider – Murdered (episode 9) 

Remaining Faithfuls:  

John Bercow  

Trishelle Cannatella  

Sandra Diaz-Twine  

MJ Javid  

CT Tamburello   

Shereé Whitfield  

Peter Weber 

Remaining Traitors:  

Phaedra Parks  

Kate Chastain   

Episode 9 TL; DR 

The Traitors are back and better than ever with the latest recruitment of Kate Chastain. Phaedra and Kate successfully murder Kevin in the middle of the night, but the Traitors just barely keep Phaedra out of the banishment spotlight later at the round table. We are left anxiously wondering will Peter or Phaedra be voted off the Traitor Island?   

Stream The Traitors Season 2 now, only on Peacock. New episodes drop every Thursday at 9p ET!

Originally published Feb 9, 2024.