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Week 5 Love Island USA Recap: Episodes 28-33

All’s fair in love and Love Island in another thrilling week that saw several romances cut short while unexpected new connections bloomed.

By Jordan Augustine

Love Island USA’s first-ever Movie Night came to a dramatic conclusion, raising emotions to a fever pitch as Islanders’ behavior was scrutinized on screen in 4K. But before the dust could settle, a “red wedding” elimination ceremony loomed, threatening a bloodbath with multiple couples sent home in a single evening. Who survived the week? Read on to find out!


Love Island Movie Night

A Satisfying Sequel: Movie Night Part 2

After a stunning start to Movie Night, the revelations continued in Part 2 as unvarnished comments that Hannah and Carmen made about Kassy were aired out and Kay Kay was shown more of Keenan’s actions in Casa Amor. With emotions running high, Leo was put on the spot to choose Kassy or Johnnie as the sole target of his affections but maintains that in his heart he still had feelings for both.

Kay Kay And Keenan

The Villa Ran Red with a Bloodbath of Multiple Eliminations

Sarah Hyland returned to reveal that multiple Islanders would be sent home in a “red wedding” elimination. Dressed in black and red, our boys and girls stood before a scarlet-draped altar lit by fire and candles, as America’s judgment of their romantic fates was rendered.

By the end of the slaughter, six Islanders had ended their Love Island USA journeys:

  • Keenan, one of two boys to receive the fewest votes, was sent home

  • Kay Kay chose to leave voluntarily to pursue her connection with Keenan in the outside world

  • Taylor C, one of two girls to receive the fewest votes, was eliminated

  • Jonah also chose to leave voluntarily, riding off into the sunset with Taylor C

  • Hannah O, the other of the two girls with the fewest votes, was dumped from the Villa

  • Mike, as the second of the two boys with the fewest votes, reached the end of his Love Island journey

With the overall Villa headcount slashed in one of the most dramatic evenings to date, the surviving couples set about exploring their connections with the knowledge that their days in the Villa are numbered.

Bergie Football Love Island Usa

Time for Fun and Games

In a challenge celebrating the upcoming season of Big Ten Saturday Night football on NBC and Peacock, the Islanders competed to find out which boy is the Villa’s Mr. Quarterback, with Bergie emerging victorious by unanimous vote of the girls.

With some downtime in the afternoon, Hannah and Marco absconded to the bedroom to get intimate — while Bergie chose the same moment to seek their advice. In a comedic highlight of the season, Bergie eventually got the hint and stood watch outside while the pair took the opportunity for some quality time alone.

Kassy And Scott Love Island

A Familiar Face Crossed the Pond

Leo, determined to prove himself to Kassy and earn back her trust, enlisted the help of the boys to plan a surprise romantic date on the beach featuring a signature cocktail and a heart traced into the sand. But just as his plan was about to be put into motion…

Kassy got a text inviting her to a secret date in front of the Villa with Scott, a new bombshell!

New, as it turns out, to this villa, but Scott is a Love Island veteran, fresh off the most recent season of Love Island UK. The Welsh footballer (“soccer” to us Yanks) is back and ready to shake things up, having romantic first dates with Kassy and Imani in front of the Villa before he even walked through the doors.

After her date with Scott, Kassy met Leo on the beach, but after hearing him out, lets him know that she feels the door is closed romantically between the two of them. Or is it?

Johnnie Love Island

Kassy and Johnnie Explored a New Connection

It turned out that a Welshman on the front lawn wasn’t the only surprise in store for Kassy this week. After an afternoon lounging session with Johnnie turned undeniably flirty, the two admitted that the chemistry between them was too real to go unexamined.

Johnnie, who is bi, had been attracted to Kassy but didn’t want to bring it up in case the feeling wasn’t mutual, and Kassy, who was curious but hadn’t previously explored a romantic connection with a woman, wasn’t sure how to broach the subject. After a chat about their experiences and mutual attraction on the Soul Ties balcony, the two agreed to explore the connection between them and shared a kiss through excited smiles.

Carmen Love Island Usa

Hearts on Fire Challenge Set Hearts Ablaze

Hearts on Fire, a fan-favorite challenge and one of the highlights of every season of Love Island, kicked off with the girls emerging one at a time in costume to raise the boys heart rates with sexy dancing. Then, the girls took a seat while the boys had their shot at getting the girls’ pulses up.

In the end, the girls won the night by raising the boys’ heart rates more overall (as measured by heart rate monitors, since this is a very scientific proceeding).

Marco And Hannah

The Final Recoupling

With the final recoupling of the season looming, the Islanders took last moments to chat and take stock of their options. Then, they gathered around the firepit once again as the girls announced their choices.

  • Taylor coupled up with “Big Bad” Bergie

  • Carmen chose Kenzo

  • Hannah picked Marco

  • Destiny recoupled with Kyle

  • Imani recoupled with Zay

  • Kassy took Leo back

  • Johnnie recoupled with Scott

As the last boy left standing, Matia was sent home, his Love Island journey over.

Destiny And Kyle


The next day, with the final recoupling out of the way, Bergie got a text: the boys would cook dinner for the girls that evening!

In a rare venture outside the Villa, the boys took a trip to a local market and bought fresh ingredients, bonding over selecting produce and biting into too-spicy peppers. Back in the Villa’s kitchen, Zay took the lead on marshalling the boys into cooking a pasta-and-meatball dinner and Bergie baked a gluten-free cake. The girls were skeptical at first, but the meal got great reviews all around.

Imani Love Island

A Bittersweet Dessert

Just as the Islanders were settling into a pleasant post-prandial state of relaxation, Hannah got a text: each couple must vote for which couple they think are least compatible, and the couple with the most votes would be dumped from the island that night.

The couples spread out across the Villa to discuss, then gathered around the firepit to reveal their votes and give their reasons for the difficult choice they each had to make.

  • Carmen and Kenzo voted for Imani and Zay

  • Imani and Zay voted for Destiny and Kyle

  • Destiny and Kyle voted for Imani and Zay

  • Taylor and Bergie voted for Johnnie and Scott

  • Hannah and Marco voted for Destiny and Kyle

  • Kassy and Leo voted for Imani and Zay

  • Johnnie and Scott voted for Imani and Zay

Imani and Zay, with four votes, were sent home, leaving the final six couples in the Villa.

Meanwhile, America voted for their favorite couple on the Love Island USA app, with the couple receiving the least votes to be left vulnerable – who will it be? The results will be announced on this Friday’s show. With only a little over a week left of Love Island USA Season 5, you won’t want to miss a minute.

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