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Week 2 Love Island USA Recap: Episodes 10-14

Who did America dump?

By Peacock Staff

Previously on Love Island USA… the fate of the Bombshells hung in the Fijian breeze as the votes came in for the least and most compatible couples. Here’s what went down this week!  [Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

Victor Love Island Season 5

America Cast Their Votes

It was the first public vote for the Islanders. With Marco and Hannah, plus Anna and Leo, exempt from elimination, four couples were left on the chopping block. After the vote, the following couples were also safe:

  • Kay Kay and Keenan

  • Destiny and Harrison

  • Cassy and Bergie

Victor and Carmen were voted the least compatible couple, leaving their fellow Islanders to choose who stayed and who went.

Love Island Recap Week 2

Don’t F— With Bergie

Tensions mounted within the Carmen-Bergie-Victor triangle and rippled across the villa. With Victor and Carmen losing the public vote, one of them had to go, and — despite discouraging and contradictory intel that Carmen was only interested in Bergie as a friend — Bergie pleaded with the Islanders to keep him around. Victor was sent home, but alas, Bergie was friend-zoned anyway. 


Anna Had Enough

Meanwhile, Kassy and Leo reignited their original connection, leaving Anna feeling disrespected. After confronting both of them (and taking some time to cool down), Anna was able to forgive Kassy and hug it out. But after discovering that they were making out behind her back, Anna reached her limit.

Keenan and Kay Kay

Hiding Away with Kay Kay and Keenan 

The Love Island Hideaway opened its doors and the Bombshells sent Kay Kay and Keenan for some alone time that included sexy, red lingerie and fuzzy handcuffs. So imagine Kay Kay’s surprise when Keenan revealed that he would be opening to getting to know the new Bombshell better! She did not appreciate hearing them “giggling and kiki-ing and kaka-ing.” Who would?

Jonah and Destiny


Three new singles — Emily, Kenzo, and Jonah — entered the villa, wasting no time mixing things up. Emily planted a smooch on Bergie, but really set her sights on Marco, Harrison, and Keenan — while Carmen got familiar with Kenzo and Jonah. Ultimately, the new arrivals chose two dates each, and then made their picks for new pairings. The latest recoupling resulted in the following:

  • Emily and Harrison

  • Kenzo and Carmen

  • Jonah and Destiny

  • Marco and Hannah

  • Kay Kay and Keenan

Anna decided to leave the villa single, and Bergie — even though he was no longer in a couple — remained safe, single, and ready to mingle.

What Could Go Wrong?

Within the couples, everyone seemed to be getting along famously. Carmen was ticking all of Jonah's boxes, Harrison rated Emily's kiss a 10, and Keenan and Kay Kay moved forward with a new understanding. How long can this bliss last? We'll find out when two new Bombshells arrive on Thursday and go on the dates America has picked for them.

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