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Week 1 Love Island USA Recap: Episodes 1-8

Welcome to the villa.

By Peacock Staff

It was a supersized week of Love Island USA as new Bombshells entered the villa — and this year’s crop of “boys and girls” did not disappoint. Here’s what went down in Episodes 1-8 of Season 5. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!]

Love Island Bombshells Season 5

Bring on the Islanders

In Episode 1, we met the Love Island class of 2023 as 10 sexy singletons entered the new Fiji villa for the first time.

Host Sarah Hyland introduced our first game of the season: “Stick or Twist.” The girls picked their favorite boys based on brief intros, and some were more popular (Leo and Marco) than others (Bergie and Victor). The boys then made their final selections, forming the following couples:

  • Kassy and Leo

  • Destiny and Marco

  • Anna and Bergie

  • Jasmine and Victor

  • Keenan and Kay Kay

Marco and Destiny made an early connection, sharing a sunset smooch, but two of the couples (Anna and Bergie, and Victor and Jasmine) immediately lacked spark, prompting the Islanders to vote Anna and Bergie as the least compatible couple. Sparing Anna any more drama, Bergie chose himself to leave the villa.

But not so fast, people — RECORD SCRATCH!! Bergie was added to a throuple when two new bombshells (Carmen and Hannah) entered the villa. They spent a night together in the Love Island Hideaway. Correction: They spent the best night of Bergie’s life together in the Love Island Hideaway.

Hannah Wright and Carmen Kocourek

Introducing the #SecretSteal

The new Bombshells revealed themselves to the group, and Carmen chose Leo for a date while Hannah picked Victor. Kassy and Jasmine were annoyed that their boys were out with other girls — but not as annoyed as Destiny when Marco told her that he would like to pull the newcomers aside.

Leo found himself in a love triangle (circle? rhombus?) with Kassy, Carmen, and Anna, while Carmen and Hannah found out they got a #secretsteal — meaning, they could steal any boy they wanted, making two girls vulnerable to elimination. Carmen stole Victor and Hannah stole Marco, leaving Jasmine and Destiny hanging in the balance.

Harrison Luna On Love Island Usa

Hello, Harrison

Aussie jewelry dealer Harrison arrived and Jasmine quickly perked up — but not so fast! — Kay Kay laid a revenge kiss on Harrison after watching Keenan and Kassy swap spit. Ultimately, Harrison vibed the most with Destiny. And just in time for the first recoupling, Bergie made some progress with both Kassy and Carmen, and what would happen next? Anybody’s guess!

Destiny Davis, Jasmine Sklavanitis, Vickala Gray, Kassandra Castillo, Carmen Kocourek

Recoupling #1

Only one couple stayed together (Keenan and Kay Kay), while everyone else reshuffled in the first recoupling ceremony, forming:

  • Marco and Hannah

  • Leo and Anna

  • Victor and Carmen

  • Bergie and Kassy

  • Harrison and Destiny

That meant it was the end of the line for Jasmine!

Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen and Carmen Kocourek

Conflict After Recoupling

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for our new pairings in Fiji. Victor did not appreciate Carmen’s flirtation with Bergie (though Bergie did!), and things deteriorated quickly; Victor felt disrespected while Carmen felt pressured. Meanwhile, Kassy called out Keenan for making googly eyes at her. For the record, Keenan did not appreciate the comment in front of Kay Kay and that was the end of that love triangle (and said googly eyes)!

For at least three of the girls, their love language is a coffee delivery in the morning and Bergie channeled his inner barista to bring java to Carmen and Kassy. Marco made coffee for Hannah but it “was ass,” and therefore dumped down the drain. No matter. They survived Coffee-Gate, and it was onto the next test, which arrived in the form of a special guest.

Ariana Madix on Love Island

Ariana Madix Visits the Villa

It was a VIP edition of “Mr. and Mrs.” as Vanderpump Rules icon Ariana Madix challenged the couples to see how well they knew each other. Marco stumbled on the question of his “body count,” but he and Hannah still tied Harrison and Destiny for first place. Marco and Hannah won the tie-breaker, plus the enviable prize of immunity for the first dumping. They also won the power to save Leo and Anna from the public vote. This leaves Victor and Carmen, Bergie and Kassy, Keenan and Kay Kay, and Harrison and Destiny vulnerable to the first public vote. Who will get sent home?

Find out in an all-new episode of Love Island USA this Thursday at 9p ET!

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