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Stream These Please Don’t Destroy Sketches on Peacock

In celebration of their new Peacock Original movie, watch these instant-classic Please Don’t Destroy SNL sketches. 

By Henry Block
Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy (L-R) in Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain

With their hilarious weekly pre-taped sketches, Please Don’t Destroy has already become SNL breakouts — despite only being at the beginning of their third season.   

The group’s speedy rise has been fun to watch. If it feels like just a couple years ago that they were making short videos on X (formally known as Twitter), that’s because it was. First their unique brand of surreal, best-friend comedy attracted the attention of Lorne Michaels. Then it won over Judd Apatow, who produced their new movie Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain streaming now on Peacock. 

From the producers of Step Brothers, Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain follows three childhood friends turned deadbeat co-workers (Please Don’t Destroy) who fend off hairless bears, desperate park rangers (Meg Stalter and X Mayo), and a hypocritical cult leader (Bowen Yang), in the hopes of finding a priceless treasure. 

Whether you’ve already seen the movie and want to see more, are interested to learn more about the group before you watch it, or just need a good laugh, watch these hilarious Please Don’t Destroy sketches from Saturday Night Live!  

1. Hard Seltzer 

It’s the sketch that started it all. PDD’s first SNL sketch skewers the hard seltzer craze with seemingly every company getting into the game. Plus, Martin’s dentist Dr. Ricardi. That one’s pretty gross.  

Stream “Hard Seltzer” in Season 47 Episode 2. 

2. Rami Wants a Treat 

Rami Malek has been on his best behavior all week, so shouldn’t that entitle him to a treat? You know, like a cookie or a toy. The Destroy boys had better come up with a treat soon, or Rami might stop following the rules.  

Though the sketch was cut for time, you can still stream Rami’s full episode, Season 47 Episode 3

3. Three Sad Virgins 

Pete Davidson insists that Martin, Ben, and John aren’t playing themselves in Pete’s music video “Three Sad Virgins,” but they are playing characters named, well, “Martin,” “Ben,” and “John.” And if that’s not bad enough, Taylor Swift comes in with a devastating bridge.  

Stream “Three Sad Virgins” in Season 47 Episode 6. 

4. Tommy 

On the eve of their high school graduation, three seniors (Please Don’t Destroy) discover a shocking secret about their friend Tommy. He’s not actually 17; he’s a 67-year-old Irishman named Seamus O’Sullivan. Oh, and Tommy is played by Brendan Gleeson — what could have given it away?  

Stream “Tommy” in Season 48 Episode 2. 

5. Chelsea 

Martin and Ben talk bad about John’s girlfriend only to find that they’ve gotten back together… and she’s in the room… and her entire family is watching. This sketch showcases what Please Don’t Destroy does best: a simple premise that goes way off the rails.  

Stream “Chelsea” in Season 48 Episode 8. 

6. Stakeout 

When Ben realizes that Martin and John are hanging out without him, he enlists Woody Harrelson’s help to do a stakeout. Watching through a window, Ben and Woody discover a shocking secret: Martin and John might be more than just friends… a lot more.  

Stream “The Stakeout” in Season 48 Episode 13. 

7. Road Trip 

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega hits the road with the Destroy boys for a fun all-American road trip, but their music video celebrating what you think a road trip will be keeps getting interrupted by what it’s actually like: fighting over a missed exit, someone drinking a bev too loudly, and a disastrous bout of carsickness.  

Stream “Road Trip” in Season 48 Episode 15

8. Original Princes of Comedy 

When Pete returns to host SNL for the first time, he reminisces about his early comedy career as a teenage standup. In turn, Martin, Ben, and John have their own clips to show from their comedy beginnings as raunchy 10-year-old Def Jam comics. 

Stream “Original Princes of Comedy” in Season 49 Episode 1 

9. Bad Bunny Is Shrek 

When Please Don’t Destroy appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Martin revealed the group conceived of and wrote the sketch “Bad Bunny is Shrek” at one in the morning, and it shows in the best way. In the sketch, Bad Bunny, dressed as Shrek, pitches to Martin, Ben, and John a whole Shrek movie, featuring Martin as Donkey, Ben as Puss in Boots, and John as Michael Jackson, of course. 

Stream “Bad Bunny is Shrek” in Season 49 Episode 2.  

Stream Saturday Night Live on Peacock. And stream Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain now! 

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