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All-Time Classic Valentine’s Day Episodes to Binge This February

Celebrate the season of love alongside your favorite TV characters. 

By Henry Block
Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation, "Galentine's Day"

Content availability may vary over time.

Some people spend Valentine’s Day at a fancy restaurant, dining with a date across a candlelit table. Others prefer to ice skate, picnic, or take a tango class. While those all sound well and good, we think there’s no better way to spend the holiday than with characters from your favorite TV shows. This Valentine’s Day, curl up with a loved one on the couch — or treat yourself — and stream these romantic Valentine’s Day episodes of your favorite shows on Peacock. These episodes prove that, besides a box of chocolates and a dozen roses, the best Valentine’s Day gift of all is a subscription to Peacock. 

1. Parks and Recreation, “Galentine’s Day” (Season 2 Episode 16) 

Justin helps Leslie reunite her mother with an old flame for Valentine's Day while Andy's band is nervous about playing a gig at the Senior Center. You know an episode is a classic when it invents a whole new holiday! 

Stream Parks and Recreation, “Galentine’s Day”.  

2. The Office, “Valentine’s Day” (Season 2 Episode 16) 

The Dunder Mifflin staff celebrate Valentine's Day festivities while Michael travels to New York City for a conference. Pam ends up disgruntled when she discovers that Ray has no present for her. Elsewhere, Michael has his own problems when he accidentally reveals that he and Jan got together. 

Stream The Office, “Valentine’s Day” on Peacock, and for Office Superfans, stream “Valentine’s Day” (Extended Cut). 

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine “The Bet” (Season 1 Episode 14) 

As Holt holds a celebration for Charles after he is awarded the Medal of Valor, Jake takes Amy on the “worst date ever” after she loses their long-running bet about who can catch more criminals. 

Stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine “The Bet” on Peacock. 

4. New Girl, “Valentine’s Day” (Season 1 Episode 13) 

Jess manages to talk Schmidt into being her wingman as she attempts to have a casual fling with a handsome stranger while Nick finds himself spending less time with Julia and more time with her assistant. 

Stream New Girl, “Valentine’s Day” on Peacock. 

5. Modern Family, “My Funky Valentine” (Season 1 Episode 15) 

Mitch and Cam help set up the hopeless romantic Manny on a date. Phil and Claire spice things up by indulging in romantic role-play at a bar, while Jay takes Gloria on a date to see a stand-up show. For the Pritchet-Dunphy family, romantic results may vary.  

Stream Modern Family, “My Funky Valentine” on Peacock. 

6. 30 Rock, “Anna Howard Shaw Day” (Season 4 Episode 13) 

Liz schedules a root canal on Valentine’s Day to make her feel better about being single but can’t find anyone to pick her up after the appointment. Meanwhile, Jack pursues a sexy, smart CNBC host, and Jenna is crushed when she learns her stalker has moved on. 

Stream 30 Rock, “Anna Howard Shaw Day” on Peacock. 

7. Superstore, “Lovebirds” (Season 4 Episode 13) 

Jonah and Amy's first Valentine's Day as a couple gets derailed when Dina brings her birds to work, which also causes trouble for Garrett. Meanwhile, at Cloud 9, Cheyenne gives Marcus a tattoo and Glenn makes videos for his daughter to watch while he's at work. 

Stream Superstore, “Lovebirds” on Peacock. 

8. Saturday Night Live, “An SNL Valentine” (Season 40 Episode 23) 

If you’re looking to laugh with your funny Valentine, Peacock has you covered with Saturday Night Live’s 2015 Valentine’s Day special. The half-hour compilation includes some of the best comedy sketches about the holiday, like an all-too-relatable commercial parody and songs from Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon.  

Stream Saturday Night Live, “An SNL Valentine” on Peacock. 

More Valentine’s Day episodes on Peacock 

Not done streaming? Here’s a list of even more romantic episodes you’ll love to stream on Peacock this Valentine’s Day. 

Parks & Recreation 

"Hunting Trip" (Season 2 Episode 10) 

"Freddy Spaghetti" (Season 2 Episode 24) 

"Road Trip" (Season 3 Episode 14) 

"Ben’s Parents" (Season 5 Episode 6) 

"Harvest Festival" (Season 3 Episode 7) 

"Andy and April’s Fancy Party" (Season 3 Episode 9) 

"Leslie & Ben" (Season 5 Episode 14) 


"Pilot" (Season 1 Episode 1) 

"The Choice" (Season 2 Episode 2) 

"Normandy" (Season 2 Episode 15) 

"Buried Secrets" (Season 3 Episode 11) 


"Pilot" (Season 1 Episode 1) 

"Labor" (Season 1 Episode 11) 

"Election Day" (Season 2 Episode 8) 

"Blizzard" (Season 4 Episode 12) 

"All Sales Final" (Season 5 Episode 15) 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 

"The Road Trip" (Season 2 Episode 9) 

"The Fugitive Part 1" (Season 4 Episode 11) 

The Fugitive Part 2” (Season 4 Episode 12) 

"Chasing Amy" (Season 4 Episode 18) 

"HalloVeen" (Season 5 Episode 4) 

"Bachelorette Party" (Season 5 Episode 19) 

The Office: 

"Pilot" (Season 1 Episode 1) 

"The Secret" (Season 2 Episode 13) 

"Booze Cruise" (Season 2 Episode 11) 

"Drug Testing" (Season 2 Episode 20) 

"The Job Part 1” (Season 3 Episode 24) 

The Job Part 2” (Season 3 Episode 25) 

"Niagara Part 1” (Season 6 Episode 4) 

Niagra Part 2” (Season 6 Episode 5) 

"Finale Part 1 & 2" (Season 9 Episode 26) 

30 Rock: 

"Up All Night" (Season 1 Episode 13) 

"St. Valentine’s Day" (Season 3 Episode 11) 

"Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong: Part One" (Season 6 Episode 6) 

"Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong: Part Two" (Season 2 Episode 16) 

New Girl: 

"The Crawl" (Season 4 Episode 15) 

"Operation: Bobcat" (Season 6 Episode 16) 

Modern Family: 

"Bixby’s Back" (Season 2 Episode 14) 

"Heart Broken" (Season 4 Episode 15) 

"Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister" (Season 6 Episode 14) 

"Written in the Stars" (Season 9 Episode 14) 

"Paris" (Season 11 Episode 13) 

Peacock is also the place to stream the perfect movie for a night in with your Valentine. Stream these Peacock Valentine’s Day picks

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