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10 Fascinating Documentaries to Stream on Peacock

Pique your curiosity with these real-life stories. 

By Henry Block
Bronx Zoo 90

Content availability may vary over time.

Look, sometimes all you want is to turn on the TV and turn off your brain, and we’d never fault you for that. But other times, you want to learn something new while still being entertained. There’s no better feeling than learning just for the fun of it, so Peacock’s got you covered with a wide library of documentaries and docuseries.  

Peacock’s documentary collection is as diverse in tone and subject matter as the world around us. But with so much to learn, it can be hard to choose which doc to stream. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of 10 documentaries available on Peacock that are perfect for whatever mood you're in, whether you want to get to the bottom of the ocean or a true crime case. 

Stream these 10 fascinating documentaries and docuseries on Peacock.  

Bronx Zoo ‘90

It’s the story about the Yankees that they don’t want you to hear. This three-part Peacock Original docuseries dives into the tumultuous 1990 season of the New York Yankees, marked by one of their worst records ever and a slate of dramatic off-field events. The docuseries covers infamous team owner George Steinbrenner's ousting for misconduct, Don Mattingly's contract dispute, a missing top free agent, rookie Deion Sanders' sports dilemma, and a controversial outfielder's scandal. Yet despite all the chaos, the 1990 Yankees still set the stage for a future dynasty. 

Stream Bronx Zoo ‘90

Feels Good Man 

Feels Good Man

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve no doubt seen an image of Pepe the frog. Created by Matt Furie in 2005 for Boy’s Club, his humorous comic strip about four animal roommates, the ubiquitous cartoon grew to become one of the biggest memes of the past 10 years. However, things took a dark turn in the run-up to the 2016 election when the far-right co-opted Pepe as a symbol of white supremacy. How did a happy cartoon frog become such a dark symbol? This critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning documentary follows Furie as he works to reclaim control of his iconic character.  

Stream Feels Good Man.  

Kings from Queens: The RUN DMC Story  

This three-part Peacock Original documentary tells the untold story of RUN DMC, the hip-hop legends who transformed and legitimized a genre once dismissed as a fad. Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell, who met in Hollis, Queens, broke racial barriers and became '80s cultural icons. In the documentary, Rev Run and DMC reunite to finally tell their story, reflecting on their immense impact and the tragic loss of Jam Master Jay. 

Stream Kings from Queens: The RUN DMC Story.   

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks 

Everyone knows the heroic story of how Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott. But that fateful day is only one small part of the story of a tireless activist. Produced by award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien, The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks shines a long-overdue light on Parks’ accomplishments and the importance of her drive and fight to overcome racial injustices. What we’re taught in school about Rosa Parks is a mere fraction of the full story. 

Stream The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks



Many of us have marveled at the sight of 8,000-pound orcas leaping from the water in sea parks, seemingly in perfect sync with their trainers. But as we learn more about how intelligent and social these creatures are, it’s hard not to feel like something isn’t right. This critically acclaimed documentary explores the story of Tilikum, a performing whale that has killed several people in captivity, unlike any orca in the wild. Through shocking footage, interviews, and scientific research, Blackfish reveals how keeping whales captive is dangerous not just for them, but for us as well.  

Stream Blackfish


More relevant now than ever, this Peacock Original documentary delves into the life of an incredibly unlikely American Icon, Stormy Daniels. From director and producer Sarah Gibson, Stormy features Daniels as she shares her story and account of events that have become part of American history. Produced by Erin Lee Carr, and executive produced by Judd Apatow, the film takes the audience behind the curtain as Stormy navigates being a mother, an artist, and an advocate working hard to reinvent herself, while still grappling with the bombshell that went off in her life five years earlier.  

Stream Stormy

Silicon Cowboys 

Silicon Cowboys

This thrilling documentary tells the David-and-Goliath story of Compaq, the scrappy startup that took on IBM in the 1980s and changed the tech industry forever. Founded by three friends in a Texas diner, Compaq revolutionized the market with its portable PC. Silicon Cowboys captures the company’s meteoric rise, fierce competitive battles, its relentless pursuit of technological excellence, but also the eventual pressures that led to the company's downfall. Featuring gripping interviews with key players and dynamic archival footage, the documentary brings to life the risk-taking and dramatic clashes that defined the early days of the computer revolution. 

Stream Silicon Cowboys

Jiro Dreams of Sushi 

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

An inspiring documentary that just might make your stomach rumble as your eyes well up, Jiro Dreams of Sushi explores the life and artistry of Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old sushi master, and owner of a 3-Michelin star restaurant located in a Tokyo subway station. The film offers an intimate look at Jiro's relentless pursuit of perfection, as well as his relationship with his son Yoshikazu, a 50-year-old sushi chef who is poised to one day succeed him. The film showcases not only the beauty of sushi making but also the perseverance required to achieve mastery in any craft. 

Stream Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A Friend of the family: True Evil 

Peacock’s hit limited series A Friend of the Family is based on the harrowing true story of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was kidnapped multiple times over a period of years by their charismatic, obsessive family “friend” played by Jake Lacy (The White Lotus, Apples Never Fall). But while A Friend of the Family is scripted, A Friend of the Family: True Evil — the show’s companion documentary — investigates the story through all-new interviews with Jan and the Broberg family themselves. Through Jan’s own words, this saga of lies, deceit, and inhumanity becomes a powerful story of endurance, courage, and a family's life-affirming bond. 

Stream A Friend of the Family: True Evil

The Aristocrats 

The Aristocrats

Let’s be clear: this one isn’t for the kids. “The Aristocrats” is an infamous longstanding joke among comedians in which the setup and punchline are always the same, but the joke’s long midsection involves the comedian telling a variation of the dirtiest joke they can conjure. The film features a mind-blowing lineup of comedians as they talk about their relationship to the joke itself and tell their own signature version of it. The all-star lineup includes comedians like Robin Williams, Gilbert Gottfried, Carrie Fisher, George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, and Margaret Cho.  

Stream The Aristocrats

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