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Celebrate Pride Month With Peacock 2024

Kick off the June festivities with these 10 handpicked LGBTQIA+ titles streaming now. 

By CK Dolan
Queer Planet

Content availability may vary over time. 

To honor the start of Pride Month, here’s a roundup of excellent movies, shows, and specials on Peacock that highlight stories of queer people (and animals) living, loving, wrangling livestock, committing petty theft, and so much more.

1. Queer Planet (2024) Streaming Jun 6

Narrated by Andrew Rannells of The Book of Mormon, Peacock’s new documentary Queer Planet examines scientific evidence of “gay penguins,” “bisexual lions,” “sex-changing clownfish,” and many more instances of flora and fauna upending traditional ideas about sexuality and gender. Queerness is natural, and multi-gendered mushrooms prove it!

Stream Queer Planet on Jun 6. 

2. A Fantastic Woman (2017) Streaming now

A Fantastic Woman

Following the death of her partner, a young trans woman named Marina (Daniela Vega) must grapple with her grief alone as her late boyfriend’s family questions the validity of her relationship (and, by extension, her transness). It’s a wrenching but beautiful watch; even in the face of tremendous loss and discrimination, Marina glows—especially when she’s onstage singing at her nightclub.

Stream A Fantastic Woman

3. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) Streaming now

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

In this delightful and surprisingly heartfelt Australian road movie, two drag performers (Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce) and a transgender woman (Terrence Stamp) travel across the Outback in a broken-down camper they dub Priscilla to perform their unique style of cabaret for both adoring and skeptical audiences. Enjoy the outstanding performances and jaw-dropping costumes in this funny and powerfully proud hit.

Stream The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

4. Brokeback Mountain (2005) Streaming now

Most know the basic premise of Brokeback Mountain—gruff cowboys falling in love while wrangling sheep in rural Wyoming—but it’s so much more. The film touches on masculinity, internalized homophobia, and the history of violence against queer bodies, but also the freedom that comes with sharing your true self with someone you love. Definitely worth a rewatch.

Stream Brokeback Mountain.

5. Jennifer’s Body (2009) Streaming now

With a title taken from the Hole song about the brutal murder of a young woman, there are layers of deeper meaning in Jennifer’s Body, though it masquerades as a goofy high school horror flick. The live wire running through the film is the homoerotic connection between Jennifer, a cheerleader-turned-succubus, and Needy, her nerdy and repressed best friend. To quote a character named Chastity, this movie is “totally lesbi-gay.”

Stream Jennifer's Body.

6. Tár (2022) Streaming now

In the Academy Award®-nominated Tár, the fictional world-renowned conductor Lydia Tár faces allegations of sexual misconduct at the height of her career. Cate Blanchett plays the toxic lesbian with aplomb, and it’s thrilling to watch her spin out as she’s haunted by the consequences of her abuse, which manifest as strange sounds in the night.

Stream Tár.

7. White Rabbit (2018) Streaming Now

White Rabbit is a severely underrated film about a Korean-American performance artist (played by Vivian Bang) struggling to stay afloat in Los Angeles as she bounces from one humiliating job to the next. Her public monologues take her from the notorious Silver Lake grocery store to Echo Park Lake, where she meets a critic and love interest named Victoria who finally makes her feel seen.  

Stream White Rabbit.

8. The Birdcage (1996) Streaming now

The Birdcage

In The Birdcage, a Miami cabaret owner and his drag queen partner must pretend to be a straight, cis couple when their son's fiancée and her moralistic right-wing parents come to visit. Comedic icons Robin Williams and Nathan Lane play a gay couple in this film, which was one of the first major studio hits to feature queer main characters.

Stream The Birdcage.

9. Women Who Kill (2017) Streaming Now

Women Who Kill

Playing off the recent popularity of the true crime genre, Women Who Kill centers on Morgan and Jean, ex-girlfriends and co-hosts of a famous podcast about female murderers. After suspicions arise that Morgan’s new flame could be a local serial killer, chaos ensues. It’s a hilarious and paranoid commentary on America’s obsession with (and monetization of) tragic true crime cases.  

Stream Women Who Kill.

10. Kajillionaire (2020) Streaming Now

In the bizarrely charming Kajillionaire, Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood) and her con artist parents meet Melanie (Gina Rodriguez) and convince her to join in their schemes and scams. Though the world in which these characters live is whimsical and strange, what unfolds between Old Dolio and Melanie is a sweet and potent example of queer love healing intergenerational wounds.

Stream Kajillionaire.

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