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Price Increase

Effective July 18, 2024, the prices of Peacock subscription plans will be changed. Here is a breakdown of the current cost of each plan, and what it will be changed to:


Subscription Type

Original Price

New Price as of July 18, 2024

Premium Annual


$79.99 ($20 increase)

Premium Monthly


$7.99 ($2 increase)

Premium Plus Annual


$139.99 ($20 increase)

Premium Plus Monthly Add-On


$6.00 (no change)


If you subscribe prior to July 18, 2024, you’ll receive one additional month at your current price. The new pricing will be effective on your next billing date on or after August 17, 2024. To confirm your subscription type, please visit the Plans & Payment tab under Your Plan.


If you take a promotional offer prior to July 18, 2024, your promotional pricing will continue through the end of the promotional period. ​ The new pricing will be effective at the end of your promotional period. 


If you purchase a Peacock subscription for the first time on or after July 18, 2024, you will be purchasing at the new price.


To manage or cancel your subscription, please visit your Account. Here is additional information on how to cancel.

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