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How can I access Peacock on my Smart TV?

Please follow the below steps to access Peacock on your Smart TV.


  • Ensure your device is supported by Peacock. You can do so by checking if your device is listed here.
  • From your home screen, select the search bar and type “Peacock” to search in your installed applications.
    • If it does not show up, or is not available, select the graphic that says App Store on your home screen.
    • Select the search bar at the top of the screen and type “Peacock.” Press Select.
  • Select the Peacock app icon.
  • Select the download icon.
  • After the Peacock app installs, press the play icon, or Open.
  • If you have an existing account, select the “Sign In” button. If not, select “Pick a Plan”, you’ll then be prompted to sign up for Peacock.


To locate any content in Peacock, you can search using the Search box with the magnifying glass icon, or by selecting the icon of the specific content you wish to watch.  


You can also browse specifically curated groups of content by visiting the Movies, TV Shows, Sports, or WWE hubs listed on the Home Screen of Peacock. To view the selection of live content available, you can visit the Channels section.

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