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What We Learned from the Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 Reunion Part 1

There was no shortage of tequila and shocking moments. 

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The Miami ladies brought the sparkle and spice to New York City, where they gathered on a lavish, gilded set with Andy Cohen for the 3-part reunion following an unforgettable Season 5. Things started off with a bang (aka a shot of tequila) — though we know this fierce group of women doesn’t need any sort of liquid courage to speak their minds.

Here are a few things we've already learned from Part 1: 

1. Lenny has been threatening Lisa with divorce for the entirety of their marriage.

Andy didn’t waste much time digging into one of the biggest storylines of the season: the crumbling union of Lisa and her husband Lenny Hochstein. Lisa, who symbolically donned a black gown to mourn the imminent death of her marriage, was put through the wringer both this season and, as we learned, well before that. On top of finding her husband in a hot tub with another woman a year prior to the Season 4 reunion, Lisa revealed that Lenny has been threatening her with divorce for the entirety of their marriage. Though the divorce is ongoing and sure to be a fight to the finish, Lisa is no longer in love with Lenny and is in a new relationship with tech mogul Jody Glidden (who we see with her in her dressing room) and who Lisa describes as supportive and “the opposite of Lenny.”

2. Nicole is on a healing journey with her dad. 

In more positive relationship news, Nicole, who was perched in the coveted first seat next to Andy, got emotional when talking about her relationship with her father. After a public therapy session during the season finale, Nicole shared that she and her father have been working on mending things and have seen Nicole’s therapist together again twice off camera. TBD if he’ll be walking Nicole down the aisle when she weds her longtime partner Anthony, but thanks to the show the two are spending more time together and are a work in progress.

3. “Stigmatism” is unfortunately not a word.

While most of the Miami ladies are bilingual, Bravo fans also know well that housewives tend to have a language of their own. Apologizing for her blunder, suggesting that Russian women know how to be prostitutes, Alexia said she didn’t realize this was a sensitive issue to Julia and, as Marysol chimed in, there was a “stigmatism” when Julia came to live in the US. Nicole doubled over in laughter and informed them the correct word is “stigma,” while Adriana said “astigmatism is an eye disease.” Though it’s not so much a disease as a condition, this one surely gave us a chuckle.

4. Adriana has receipts that prove Alexia wanted to set her up with a married man.

Alexia continued to take the Miami heat, having had plenty of friction with the ladies this season. After alleging that Adriana was dating a married man (which later proved to be untrue), Alexia, who admittedly has a hard time apologizing and only does so when she feels that it’s sincere, had no remorse for her presumptions about Adriana’s love life. No stranger to a reunion stage, Adriana came ready with receipts, pulling out old text messages from Alexia wanting to set her up with a married man back in 2020. Adriana came to clear her name, confirming via the texts “I don’t touch married men – bad karma.”

5. There's tension building between Alexia and Lisa.

In a shocking moment leading into the Part 2 trailer, Alexia claimed that if Lisa had the self confidence and star mentality that Alexia prides herself on, things wouldn’t have gone down the way they did with Lisa’s marriage. Lisa, who has been a friend to all this season despite the challenges in her personal life, was left looking hurt by the unexpected remark, and everyone including Andy was aghast. Tensions are quickly building, leaving us on the edge of our seats for Part 2.

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