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Stream Every Episode of The Nanny on Peacock

The beloved ‘90s sitcom is now streaming on Peacock. Watch every hilarious episode. 

By Adam Waring
The Nanny Peacock

Oh, Mr. Sheffield! Have you heard the news? The Nanny is now streaming on Peacock. That’s right, the flashy girl from Flushing has brought her big hair, bigger voice, and biggest personality to our streaming service, and you can watch every episode now.  

What is The Nanny about? 

Created by Fran Drescher and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, The Nanny centers around a flamboyant, nasal-voiced, blue-collar Jewish woman from Queens who, after being fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, goes to work for a wealthy widowed Englishman to look after his three children. It’s a classic fish-out-of-water, will-they-or-won’t-they tale, loaded with sharp jokes, colorful Yiddish-isms, lots of physical comedy, and Drescher draws liberally from her own upbringing and background to bring this vibrant world to life. To say that hijinks ensue would be a shocking understatement.  

The Nanny also has one of the most beloved opening theme songs in TV history. See if you don’t agree below. 

Who are the cast of The Nanny? 

Fran Fine 

Fran Drescher stars as The Nanny herself, a brash, opinionated woman who, despite sticking out like a sore thumb, manages to bring a much-needed dose of humanity and fun to an otherwise uptight Upper East Side of Manhattan household. And don’t think her employer, Mr. Sheffield, doesn’t notice… 

Maxwell Sheffield 

Charles Shaughnessy stars as the wealthy, buttoned-down, widowed Broadway producer who, in a fit of desperation, takes Fran into his home and watches it get turned upside down. But his kids love her, and maybe, just maybe, he does too. 


The Sheffield’s English butler, played by Daniel Davis, is even more proper and uptight than his boss, and the arrival of Fran in the house is cause for great consternation. 

C.C. Babcock 

Lauren Lane plays Maxwell’s long-time business partner. C.C. sees Fran as a threat for the attentions of Maxwell, whom she also has eyes for. 

Maggie Sheffield 

The eldest Sheffield child, played by Nicholle Tom, is an initially shy, awkward teen who blossoms under Fran’s influence.  

Brighton Sheffield 

Benjamin Salisbury plays the troublemaking middle child of the Sheffield brood, who is the reason nannies tended not to last, until Fran comes along. 

Grace Sheffield 

The youngest Sheffield, played by Madeline Zima, is super-smart and often surprises both her father and Fran with her knowledge. 

Sylvia Fine 

Veteran star of stage and screen Renée Taylor is a recurring guest star as Fran’s overbearing mother. You think Fran is loud, has big hair, and flashy outfits? Wait ‘til you get a load of Sylvia. 

Yetta Rosenberg 

Ann Morgan Guilbert, another veteran character actress, recurs as Fran’s hilariously forgetful Grandma Yetta. 

Val Toriello 

Fran’s somewhat dimwitted but loyal best friend is played by Rachel Chagall. 

Guest Stars 

The list of guest stars who appeared on The Nanny is a veritable celebrity who’s who, and includes Sir Elton John, Ray Charles, Bette Midler, Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, Celine Dion, Whoopi Goldberg, James Marsden, Chevy Chase, Ray Romano, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Jon Stewart, and Donald Trump! (To name a few.) 

What are the best episodes of The Nanny? 

There are so many amazing episodes of this iconic show, but here are five of our favorites. 

1. “A Fine Family Feud” Season 3, Episode 4 

Fran tries to plan a fabulous Sweet 16 party for Maggie, but it descends into chaos when the Fine relatives show up. 

2. “Strange Bedfellows” Season 2, Episode 24 

When one of Fran’s fellow nannies (guest star Tyne Daly) retires and announces she’s going back to live with her mother and grandmother, it throws Fran into a panic. 

3. “Schlepped Away” Season 1, Episode 16 

When the Sheffield family’s trip is delayed due to a snowstorm, they must seek refuge in Sylvia’s home in Queens.  

4. “The Finale, Part 2” Season 6, Episode 22 

Without spoiling anything, The Nanny has one of the most delightful — and hilarious — send-offs in sitcom history. 

5. “Close Shave” Season 2, Episode 21 

When Fran has to cover for Maggie as a hospital candy-striper, she is horrified when asked to prep none other than Mr. Sheffield for surgery.  

How many seasons of The Nanny are there? 

The Nanny ran for six seasons and 146 episodes, and you can stream every last one of them on Peacock. 

Watch The Nanny now!