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Where can I find News and Latino content?

Peacock offers a variety of News and Latino content, which can be accessed by searching for specific content titles or in their dedicated hubs.  

To access News content, please see some options below: 

  • You can find the News Hub on the main browse page. Scroll down to the “Featured Brands” row and then select the “NBC News” tile. 

  • On the TV Shows page, scroll down to the “Browse by Genre” row and then select “News” tile. 

  • Searching for specific News content 

To access Latino content, please see some options below: 

  • You can find the Telemundo Hub on the main browse page. Scroll down to the “Featured Brands” row and then select the “Telemundo” tile. 

  • On the TV Shows or Movie pages, scroll down to the “Browse by Genre” row and then select “En Español” tile. 

  • Searching for specific Latino and Spanish language content 

Peacock Tip: You can add your favorite content to My Stuff to bookmark it on the Browse page for easy access in the future.