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How do I set up a profile on Peacock?

We will start you off with two possible profiles. One will be the Account Holder profile and one will be a Kids profile.

First, if you are the Account Holder, select the ‘Account Holder’ profile to set up your profile. You will be prompted to select your avatar and enter in additional details like your name, birth year, gender, and ZIP code. This information is only collected on the Account Holder profile.

You can then either set up the Kids profile or remove the possible profile. For steps to delete a profile, click here.

If you are not the Account Holder, or once you have set up your initial profile, you can add additional ones by selecting the ‘+’ sign labeled ‘New Profile’. You will be prompted to select your avatar, indicate if it is a Kids profile, and enter a name for the profile.

On Peacock, you can have up to 6 profiles on your account with unique names and avatars.
It can be any combination of Kids and regular profiles, however, the Account Holder or main profile cannot be a Kids profile.

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